Monday, November 3, 2014

Appreciating the Joy that Repentance Brings to those who are Sincere

Nov 3, 2014 
 Subject: Wow! Pday already?

Haha.  It’s been soooo long since the last pday, huh?  [Sister Yoshimoto's preparation days were changed from Wednesdays to Mondays so this was a very short week since last Wednesday].

Thank goodness it’s been a short week because I am literally dying of exhaustion haha.  I definitely know why we have a rule to sleep at 10:30 as a normal missionary.  It’s realllll tough on the body and mind to not sleep.  But this calling is cheia [flood] of too many things to do!

First of all, thanks so much, Dad!!!  I got the emails about the classes and all.  It’s real good that you did that for me because I literally didn’t even think about that stuff until someone asked me here what I’m doing for school after, and I was like “Oh, probably going back to BYU and stuff, but it didn’t even hit me that i had to register and do all that stuff first.........  so thanks so much Dad haha.   I’m so blessed with parents who understand a mission :) 

hmmm.... I forgot everything I was going to respond to from last week... I’m the worst.   Sorry about that--again :(

But I did read it all!  And I just want to tell Travis that the sisters laughed at your response and are even more in love with you because in Brasil "no one wants the young kids" as they say haha.   So yeah...if all else fails there, come with me to Brasil -- theres a monte  [mountain … bunch] of sisters who are lining up for you hahahahaha.   Man, it’s killing me hahahahaha.  They want me to send pictures of them to you.   Hahahaha.  Good thing I forgot my camera today hehe.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!
It’s funny because the other sister here who speaks english is from New Zealand and I forget sometimes that she’s not American, but she says they don’t do Halloween in New Zealand so it was not very exciting for her.  But my lider de distrito [district leader] is American and he said Happy Halloween!  haha.  It  was cool cause we organized an activity for Halloween without knowing it was Halloween.  The activity was us sisters dressed up as women from the bible and bearing testimony of our experiences with the Savior.  I was the woman who taken in adultery.  It was such an amazing experience to imagine the situation from her perspective.  It was short but a real powerful experience.  Mostly because 15 minutes before, we received some sad news :(

Remember Glayson?   He’s the super eleito [elite] 20year old.  He is just soooo good hearted and amazingly eleito [elite, prepared, humble, teachable].  He has been having trouble with smoking.  We were making major progress with him and Leandro, his cousin.   The zone leaders interviewed and leandro passed and will be baptized this Saturday!!!!   Glayson will have to wait until January because of some past mistakes.  It was soooo hard to hear because we were so excited by the progress and true change of heart they have.  But we felt an overwhelming sense of peace and hope, because we know this will prepare him to be an even stronger individual and  leader in the church and definitely a great missionary as he will grow to understand true repentance. 

After learning this, I stood there in the front bearing testimony of the woman who was taken in adultery and additionally bearing my own testimony – the true meaning of repentance and my gratitude for the Savior for giving each of us one more chance -- especially when we truly don’t deserve it.  I felt so incredibly grateful for the excitement in Glayson’s attitude as he is preparing and looking forward to his baptism dia 3 de January [3rd of January].  For Leandro, this Saturday, he will be preparing to receive the sacerdocio [priesthood] and and preparing to baptize Glayson.   I am excited by just the thought of the happiness he will have as he will feel and know that his sins truly will be washed away and he will be forgiven. 

I love this gospel -- the truth of the Atonement, the reality of the Savior.  I am so grateful for this huge blessing to be trusted enough to be a representative of Cristo [Christ] and bringing His message to those who truly need it and are searching for it.  I never want this to end!!!!   But I know that it doesn’t have to.  I am sooo excited to work with the missionaries at home, but I definitely will miss the 24/7 part of it.  I am loving this work.  It’s hot and sweaty and smelly and exhausting, but it’s the best BEST beeessst thing in the world. 

I love you all so much and am more grateful than ever to have such a huuuuge blessing in my life.  You are always in my prayers todas as noites [day and night], by name.
com muiiiiito carinho e amor!!!<3333  [with much love]

-Sister Yoshimoto

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