Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No Time to Be Sick. Too much to do.

Nov 18, 2014

Oi Familia!

Hi!  There is so much to do!  I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by how little time I have to do everything that needs to be done!!  I feel like I’ve been getting a little stressed out with everything and it’s not good :(  but we had a big zone conference yesterday and wow, it was the best. It was exactly what I needed.  Our leaders are so inspired.  They talked about the talk “The 4th Missionary.”  It’s sooooooo suuuuuper good and something that every missionary should read.  That will be my thought for this week.  Sorry I’m so out of it right now :( 

Everyone asks me every second how I feel and how is my heart doing.  Am I excited.   I think “Why?  And then I remember.  I literally don’t feel like I’m going home!  I feel like my comp is.  haha.  She’s real trunkster.  It’s funny.  She just wants to get married already and has like eveyrthing planned out -- just needs the man, she says.   haha. 

I got the new flight plan.  I’m going to leave Teresina on the 2nd,  3 pm-ish and get there in San Jose at 12 pm on the 3rd.  That’s real fast!  haha.  What a blessing.

So, this week, was real crazy. I got a little sick and had to stay in the house for a day and a half. which was probably more stressful than the sickness. I’m getting better -- I think it was probably just another intestinal infection.  We’ll see.  I’m just real excited to get back to work.

We’re going to have interviews tomorrow with the president in our house.  It will be interesting.  haha. It is the first time he’s ever gone to every house in the mission. He’ll be checking cleanliness and organizacao. [organization]  It’ll be real good for everyone. 

Sorry, it’s a real short email this week.  I’m still recovering a bit and I don’t really remember a lot that happened.  Send Sister Skudder’s parents a big hug and my love.  She’s a real good kid. She’s like saving me here.  haha. :Love her tons.  Her name is Chayce Skudder.  She’s from New Zealand and she thinks that Jeremy served in her ward once. Bishop Skudder.  She said it was an apostasy ward...whatever that means. lol. 

Give a big hug to everyone.  I’ll write more next week. 
amo voces<3333  [love you guys]
-Sister Yoshimoto

ps. D&C 122 is a section about Joseph Smith and hard trials. 
I don’t know how anyone can not know he’s a profeta of God.  [prophet of God]
I love the scriptures and especially the Book of Mormon. 

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