Monday, November 10, 2014

The Joy of Missionary Work

Date: Nov 10, 2014
Subject: Semana de figado..... [week of liver ... ???]

Oi Familia!

This week I ate a looooot of new things..... and not all of them were very good at all, but just to list it off

-Figado is liver and it’s nasty.  Figado of cow is tolerable, but of figado of chicken is the worst thing I’ve had in my mouth. and I was tricked into it.  I was just  talking and stuff and Sister Herculano just popped it in my mouth and I was like “Oh!  Food! thanks!  And then I almost died. Hahahaha.   Man, gross.

-Heart!  I ate heart of cow and of chicken!  I was like this meat is weird.  It’s not figado but it’s not normal meat. and they were like its coração!  And I was like what..? curacao?  For like 2 seconds I was like that means heart, but that’s weird. Why would they..... OMG I’M EATING HEART!  I didn’t even think that happens in the world …  except in Snow White, but dang. It’s pretty good. hahahaha

- Alligator.   Man, its super good!  I’d eat that every day!

-Pumba.  From the lion king.  Warthog?   It’s alright.... not my favorite. but cool to add to the list of Brasilian experiences! :)

But now that that’s out of the way, I will write about the real highlight of the week:

The baptism of LEANDROOOO!!! Oh mannnn it was amazing and suuuuch a test of faith and miracles!!  So basically we spent the day preparing, cleaning and organizing for the baptism Saturday.  Finally the time came and everyone was there and ready and excited … but no Leandro or Glayson!  We called, but no one answered.  We called the other phones, desligados. [no answer]   We were kinda freaking out and ready to just run to their house (about 20 minutes walking so not too far) but then Glayson answered and said that something happened the night before and Leandro didn’t want to do it, anymore, but he wanted to talk first,  My heart dropped.  Because of some bad planning on our part, we didnt have a chance to see him the night before.  The only night we didn’t see them.  I knew we had messed up. real bad.  I just prayed and prayed that whatever happened, it would be the Lord’s will, but that our screw up wouldn’t impede the saving decision of Leandro to make this promise with God. 

So we went to their house and took them to the chapel and just sat there.  We prayed, felt the spirit and they talked.   

This was when I truly truly prayed for the will of God, whatever it was. to not discourage them from keeping going and doing the right thing.  I know God knows and understands what is best for each of us individually.  It is not "one size fits all."

But miracles!  The zone leader talked with them and said that they truly were repentant and Leandro could be baptized!!!  The Spirit spoke to the zone leaders.  I am grateful for priesthood keys.

So Leandro was baptized 1.5 hours late.  It was the best baptism meeting ever. Seeing him walk in and knowing with a certainty that when he came out of that water, he was clean.  All the sins were washed away and Leandro understood the mercy of God.  The best part was seeing the face of Glayson as he too realized the significance of this moment for Leandro, and the excitement for his own baptism in Janeiro. [January] 

Also, it was a battle to go to church the next day because Leandro worked.  Long story short, we testified of the promises of God and Leandro came the next day. on the hour! and received the gift of the Holy Ghost who will help not only him but Glayson, as well, until Glayson, too, receives the gift of the Holy Ghost in Janeiro [January].  What a blessing!  This weekend was full of miracles and trials of our faith.  I feel so soooo  blessed knowing that repentance is real. that it is sooo real and that these kids will be the instruments in the Lords hand soon to bring this gospel to their families and to hundreds more in the field. 

I wrote down the blessing Leandro received, as well.  I’ll tell you later, but it was the best blessing of confirmation ever! 

I am out of time, but I love you all and you are reallly in my prayers always.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to be on a mission.  It’s incredible and I never want it to end.  It still hasn’t hit me because I feel like I have years here still.   So I’ll keep believing that. :) 
Keep strong and share the gospel!   Love you all!
-Sister Yoshimoto

p.s.  I included pics of Ravy and his daughter I helped teach who got baptized!!
I also included a picture of the dress up for halloween/activity at the church :)

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