Thursday, October 30, 2014

Letter from Ward Mission Leader in Calico Ridge

The following is an email message we received in April after Sister Lauren Yoshimoto traveled to Brazil.  This was from the ward mission leader in the Calico Ridge Ward in Henderson, Nevada.  Sister Yoshimoto and Sister Nilson were both waiting for their visas when they were assigned to the Calico Ridge Ward, in an area that had previously been closed.  In the four weekends prior to leaving for Brazil on April 1, Sister Yoshimoto and Sister Nilson had several families get baptized. Another family was baptized after Sister Yoshimoto left for Brazil, but Sister Nilson was still in Calico Ridge.

April 16, 2014

Bishop Yoshimoto,

As I am sure you are fully aware of the miracles that have occurred in the Calico Ridge Ward, under the watch of your daughter and Sis. Nilson, I wanted to send one last thanks.  I am not sure I have ever seen missionary success like I have with these two Sisters.  Sis. Yoshimoto and Nilson remind me of the 3 Nephites in the following few ways, to name a few:

-Focused obedience and faith
-Consistent coordination with ward members, giving the ward and the Lord ALL the credit for success
-Optimistic and positive energy of patient humility and gratitude

Even though your daughter was called to serve in Brazil, there is no question in my mind the Lord had His hand in blessing our ward with Sis. Yoshimoto in Henderson, Nevada. I am convinced the recently baptized families were waiting for this companionship; the Lord could trust them to nurture and teach in the proper way these particular families needed to receive the restored gospel. 

Not only are the recently baptized families benefactors via their respective conversions, but individual ward members, families and the ward as a collective whole lives have been enriched over the last few months. 

Bro. Allen (aka fighter pilot) will be our keynote sacrament meeting speaker this Easter Sunday, fielding the topic of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I hope and pray you and your family have recognized blessings in your lives for sacrificing and helping Sis. Yoshimoto be en excellent representative of Jesus Christ?

Bro. Zachary Hills
Calico Ridge Ward
Henderson, Nevada

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