Saturday, October 18, 2014

Only One Transfer Left

Oct 15, 2014 
 Subject: Desculpa a demora  [Sorry for the late letter]


Sorry for the late email.  We had a huge preparation day event in our zone today and it was aweeeesome,  but now we have to do emails real late.   I will have to be nice and quick.

This week we have been desafiando [challenging] for everybody. (I don’t remember that word in English. haha. ) and I’ve really been able to feel the power of the spirit as we find teach and invite to baptism the eleitos [elected] of the Lord -- those who are truly open and ready for the complete truth.  Man, it’s the best.  I love the mission so much.  Sister McKinney is leaving Sunday to go home and then it’s my last transfer.  I can’t believe it and and it still doesn’t feel real, so I’m grateful for that. haha.  But it’s scary.  I really don’t want to go back to real life and that stuff haha.  I had a dream where I was without my name tag and I cried.  lol.  It’s so not supposed to happen. :( 

I really don’t want to end the mission but I also miss you guys a lot and my body is hating  Brasil, but it’s just another phase in my life.  I’ll just have to accept it and trust. 

I don’t have a lot of time but I do want to send one of the best talks I’ve read so far.  It’s by Brad Wilcox, who is seriously the BEST on the Atonement.  It is thought provoking and life changing when you internalize it.   The talk is His Grace is Sufficient.  You probably already heard or read it, but I just wanted to share that with you all.  I know that the Atonement is so real.  When you feel like you just can’t handle it anymore or that your expectations and potential are so far ahead of you, we can trust in Him.  I truly have seen this first hand every day  but especially in my moments of the most need in my mission. 

-piolhos [lice] gone, and so is my hair. hahah.  Sad, but it’s OK.
-I will find out about the transfers next Monday.  I am nervous about who’s going to be my last companionnnnnnnn ahhhhhhh.
- I’m super excited that Braden Wright is coming home already.  Man, time flies.  When does Josh Merkley return?
-I’ll be leaving 2 of  DEC and arriving I think the 3rd. 
-Glayson, Leandro, Wagner, Ana, Rafaela, Dennis, Wilker,  I’m excited for this next transfer.  So many eleitos, but so many obstacles. 

Tell Travis sorry I’m not responding.  I will seriously try next week. 

Love you all.  Hope all is well. 
I’m praying soooo much for you all.  Love you tons. 
-Sis Yoshimoto

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