Friday, October 10, 2014

Gratitude for Tender Mercies

Oct 8, 2014
Subject: Conferencia Geral!  [General conference]
[Note:  After writing last week's letter, Sister Yoshimoto learned that the beloved family dog and loyal companion through her youth passed away.]

Oi minha querida Família, [Hi my dear family]

I had a chance to read the emails from last week only quickly before I responded. but I understood what was happening.  I felt this for a while, but now that I read them (haven’t read from this week ainda [yet]).  I just want to say thank you. 

Please don’t worry about me here, but thank you sooooo much for telling me. It hurts sooo much but I would much rather hear it now than when I return home. or long after it happened.  So thank you for telling me. 

It was actually quite a miracle how everything worked out. Heavenly Father reallly REALLY takes care of His missionaries, even in the little things. When I read the emails last week,  I was at the stake chapel about an hour by onibus away.  We were there for preparation day with the other American missionaries teaching some kids Ingles [English], but at lunch time we had the chance to email … so I was there at the chapel with all the missionaries.  It was realllll tough because I cried a lot.  But when the elders returned from getting lunch and heard what happened from the other sisters, I believe it was literally God’s tender mercy for me.  Two of the elders had similar experiences 2 weeks and a month before, so they totally understood and were able to give me some talks and stuff that really helped.  We talked a lot about our dogs.   haha.  It was funny because the other sisters didn’t understand because they have dogs but It’s different with them, I guess.  They were kind of just confused and didn’t know what to say so it was literally a tender mercy that I had the chance to talk with the elders and have people who really understood what was happening. 

However, I am more grateful yet for the blessing of being on a mission. and the blessing of God’s bigger picture for us.  As you know, as part of a challenge this week, I wasn’t able to ask for anything in my prayers.  It was real tough especially with everything going on there. I just wanted more than anything to ask for comfort and peace with all of you who have to be there every second.   But I learned to thank God for the amazing blessing Rusty has been in my life, for the amazing love and life and laughs and everything that he truly brought to our lives.  I learned to see the good and the happiness in this all rather than the temptation to ask God to change His will and let Rusty live until I return to see him one last time. I learned to truly use the  Atonement in just trusting His will and accepting with gratitude.  I am so grateful for this experience and for your prayers and your love and support from home at this time.  It’s been a stressful week, but it was good.  Being able to work real hard and really feel the spirit and get my mind distracted with the real work here.  It has just been hard at night when everything calms down and I’m left with my thoughts. but I know and have felt your prayers lifting me, so thank you so much.  I received some cards from the Hale family , Sis Pino, Sis Stevens, the Garrett’s, the Skinner’s, and of course the Bertagnolli’s! I love you all soo much and the rest of the ward who I know is truly supporting each one of us missionaries.  You all make a difference.  Thank you!

I loooooved General Conference!!!!  Wow, it was sooo amazing!  We got to watch it together, the Americans, in Ingles [English] and wow, every talk was so powerful and bold.  It was sooooo great.  Man, I loved it.  And Elder Godoy who spoke … WOW!  What an amazing talk.  We got to hear it in Portuguese and it was soooo great!  Even greater for the natives.  Finally being able to hear conference in their native tongues.  We watched priesthood in Portuguese with the voice overs and man, it’s just so not the same.  It’s still really good and you get a lot out of it, but it’s really not the same.  When I  imagine that’s what the rest of the world hears every time.  I’m so grateful to speak English and hear really the prophets voice.  It is such a blessing.  And is is such an amaaazing blessing that the rest of the world has this chance now with the speakers in their native tongue.  How amazing!!

Also, HAPPPPYY BIRTHDAY KEILYN!!! Im sorry I didn’t get to write it last week, but I did remember and I celebrated!  We had lots of food at the conference and I ate cake for you :)  I love yer guts and hope all is well!!!  Thank you for emailing me.  I love being able to know what’s going on with you all !

Anyway,  I’m out of time, but I would like to just put in some few sidenotes … hshaha.
one,  I got piolho … which is like lice, but bigger.  UGH. haha.  Soooo yeah, I had to cut some of my hair off.  It’s not super a lot but it’s enough so I can get those suckers out. I got it from one of the families here who live in an area that is really humble. They are such a good family.  We helped to reactivate them.  Unfortunately, the youngest has a tonnn of piolho [lice] and gave me a giant hug and they always play with my hair because it’s so long.  I didn’t know she had piolho  haha. But it’s all good.  It comes out quick.  I think. We’ll see. Got some time haha. but yeah, I love that family so much.  It is so worth the piolho.  Hahaha.

Also, I ate opihi!!  It’s actually really good ahhah. yummmm.

I’ll send some photos of my zone and the sisters and the hair cut.  I love the mission.  I’m so grateful for this experience and privilege.  We have been teaching some amazing people. I will tell you more about Rafaela, Ana, Glayson, Leando, e Wagner next week.  Miracles are happening and I’m so excited to finally see the progression with the ward and the members!!!

Love you all sooooo much, I can now pray for you all, again, and am every night.  I thanked Heavenly Father for you all every night last week haha.  I love you so much!!!

-Sister Yoshimoto

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