Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Our Spirits Are Stronger Than Our Bodies

Date: Oct 29, 2014 1:47 PM

Oi família e amigos!!  [Dear Family and Friends]
Que semana rapida e cansativa!! [Fast and exhausting week]
Finally it’s P-day!  But the good news that came recently--yesterday--is that officially after today, Pday will return to Mondays!  Hahaha.   How strange huh:?  I JUST got used to it being Wednesdays and now it’s back to Mondays!  haha. oh well.  faz parte.  [???]
I’m excited because there is literally soooo much to do here in this area!  I’m real excited because we have soooo many eleitos [elites]!!  There’s Glayson e Leandro [Glayson and Leandro] who are cousins and there are Ana e Denis and Ladison! Wow. I wish I had all the time in the world to tell you about them!
I will quickly:
Glayson e Leandro-- 19 years old and so amazingly eleito [elite].  They read the Book of Mormon and pray and loved church and from the start have just been so receptive.  They truly think about what we say and they just FEEL the spirit so strong.  If something doesn’t make sense they are so ready to just pray about it and hear what we have to say.  Glayson has a problem with smoking which is so strange to me because he is so pure. haha.  But he had so much shame in admitting it, but I really just felt soo much love for him.  I KNOW I seriously feel the complete love that our Heavenly Father has for these kids. They tripped up yesterday but I gave them a pic of Christ and explained the mercy/justice part and it just clicked.  You could see the relief on his face as he began to understand and truly FEEL the mercy of God … to know that it’s okay that he tripped up.   That’s the whole purpose of the Atonement -- to have that chance to start over again.  It was an amazing experience.

Actually we had a real cool experience with them.
We had our last zone meeting yesterday and as it finished late, we didn’t get on the onibus until 6:30 so we didn’t get to our area until about 7:30.  We had to see Ana and Denis first, had a miracle lesson (she was about to drop us and give back the Book of Mormon because of all the persecution from her friends, but we prayed with her and explained Mateus 5:40 [Matthew 5:40] and she really felt the spirit again and is preparing for the 22nd of Novembro for baptism!! ) but we didn’t get done until about 8:30. took the van to Maiobao area and called Glayson and said we’d have to reschedule for Thursday because today is Pday and choir practice at the stake center.  But as we were taking the bus I just felt so unsatisfied.  I was praying and praying about what we should do?  I asked Sister Oliveira and she was dead tired.  We were gonna go home and plan and sleep, but I prayed again and just said, “Father,  I’m so tired and we had an amazing lesson with Ana and meeting with the zone and now we’re ready to prepare for tomorrow,  but I feel like Glayson needs us.  We had a good day, but what do you want us to do.?”  And I just felt “One more… just go.”
So I looked at Sister Oliveira and said Glayson needs us.  She’s so awesome.  I told her “If you think your leg will get worse from walking home or being too tired, we will just go home.  I don’t want you to overdo yourself.”   But she said “our spirits are stronger than our bodies.”   And so we went.  Wow!  It was the best lesson ever.  They had so many doubts and questions about the Word of Wisdom and they had slipped and felt real bad and guilty and I truly believe that 2 more days without seeing them would have really impeded their progress.  They are super excited for baptism on the 8th and there is nobody more prepared than them.  They are so soooo ready.  I know with all my heart they will go on to be great missionaries and because of these challenges with the Word of Wisdom, now, they will be able to help so many others fight their addictions.

I’m soooo incredibly grateful for the promptings of the spirit.  It’s still is tough for me to recognize and follow the promptings but I’m really learning a lot from this transfer.  Sister Skudder--the New Zealand sister—is super cool.  I love her a tonnnn!!  I’m truly learning a lot about following the spirit.  I know that Heavenly Father is truly the head of this work.  I feel guided and qualified for this calling as I trust more in Him every day. I loooove this calling.  I love this work.  I love the Mission.  I don’t have time to write about the others. but I will soon!
Love you all soooo much!!!!
You are all always in my prayers by name!!!
Giant hug for the ward!!!!
I hope the missionaries there are working really hard!!!!  Bom trabalho to them!!!

Com Muiiito Amor,  [With much love!]

Sister Yoshimoto

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