Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Hard to Think About Leaving

March 3, 2014
Oi minha querida familia!!!
I want you to watch a Mormon Message that I realllly like and that came to mind when I read all this. It's called The Will of God. I LOVE it.   It is sooo amazing. but yeah, watch it.!! and let me know what you think :)
Sooooooooo I haven't heard anything at all about any VISA updates.  Everyone is getting them like crazy though--in other missions.   It's slightly unnerving .... I don't like it.  I feel really bad saying this because I know how much everyone wants me to go to Brazil, but I kind of don't want to go!!!!!   hahahahha...... I mean, I do because I still have this inexplicable love for those people in Brasil that I haven't even met yet, buttttttttt I honestly feel like this area is my baby!!! Again haha, but in all honesty, this feels like my mission!!!  It makes me soooo sad--like more sad than when I left Kingman -- to think I might leave and go somewhere else, but I know that wherever I go, it will be where I'm supposed to go.  So I just have to re-come to terms with it all.... sighhh.   Just when you feel comfortable and getting the hang of it, everything changes... .OF COURSE haha. but that's life. :P woohoo!
So anyway, the AMAZING news of this AMAZING area!!!!  OH MAN!!!   I can 't even explain how INCREDIBLE this area is!  I feel like it's too good to be true. TOO amazing!  I love LOVE seeing the amazing transformation of areas!!  from bottom zero to the most amazing area in the mission!!!!!  haha maybe not but really... haha.  So, you all remember Brenda and her husband Matt, and the other family, the Staffords.  They are all doing SO well!  It's really funny because both cases are sooooo almost exactly the same.  The Sister is 100% ready to go and excited and everything, but the husbands are more methodical, working through it, trying to come to terms with it on their own time which is exactly how it should be.  The only problem is that they are 100% ready and prepared and worthy to be baptized.  They know it's all true, yet they are waiting on the Road to Damascus for their huge "Angel" confirmation kind of moment.  The Lightswitch moment, which is completely understandable.   I wanted that too.  We all do.  We all want our Joseph Smith vision, but God doesn't work that way.  He allows us to grow and learn and walk in faith for a while before He grants us the reward.  Matt said something interesting, he said “We can be set for the 15th of March for baptism and if God doesn't give me the big confirmation by then, then it's not coming. “ That was such an interesting comment, it SHOWED his commitment and his faith and in that moment, I realized that the mindset he is in kind of allows him to take that step of faith by being baptized and then I KNOW that huge confirmation he's waiting for , he looking for, will come stronger than he could have imagined. and I can't wait!!!!!
Other than that, We SERIOUSLYYY cannot comprehend how INSANELY this area is booming!!!!  We are teaching 7 families and have 2 more AMAZING potentials that we are going to see this week!!!  I CAN;T WAIT!!!  It blows my mind that Heavenly Father is trusting us with soooo much! I feel so inadequate and yet so filled and carried and helped in this calling!!!  I have absolute SURE knowledge that this is NOT me at ALLLL.  100% the Lord's work.  We have a baptism almost every Saturday this month -- the Staffords are getting baptized on the 29th!!!!! YAYY!!! I swear, I’m going to CRY when I see these amazing families take that first step toward becoming eternal families.  I swear, the more I think about it, the easier I realize my job is.  It's all true.  All we have to do is introduce them to it, point them in the right direction, and if they're really looking, they’ll see it's true. they'll feel it's true.  We just have to help with the increasing their faith so they can take that first step and make that amazing covenant with God and allow the further light and blessings into their lives. WOW. WHAT AN AMAZING JOB I HAVE!!!!!  I can't believe it... How did I possibly qualify as worthy for such an amazing blessing to be able to share what I love with people I love. To help my brothers and sisters find the amazing blessings that I've been given.  I feel like God has literally plucked me out of the dirt, dusted me off and kicked me here.  And I'm like out of everyone, why did He choose to pluck ME up out of the mud?  No matter the reason, or the insanity of the idea, I am so incredibly eternally grateful that He did.

I'm sooo grateful for you all, the family and support that has kept me up and kicking!!  I looooove you all so much and wish I had more time to write so I could explain myself more!!!  I feel like I've been in a huge blur this weekend from the incredible miracles that have been happening.!!!  I'm walking on clouds, and have never been happier.  Heavenly Father is SOO amazing.  I wish I could literally share this (throw this joy) at everyone I see!!!!!!  And I CAN!! or at least TRY.  So, I'm going to get back to work and just DO IT! :)
I'm so pumped right now hahahahah!
I love you all soooo much and alll you do in your own areas and the love and support I feel from you all gets me through every day.  I feel your prayers with me.  I love you all soo much, you're in MY prayers daily.

Ate a proxima semana!!!<3
-Sister Yoshimoto

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