Monday, March 24, 2014

Um Semana Estranha..... (a weird week)

Mar 24, 2014    Subject: um semana estranha..... (a weird week)

Weird.... I literally just typed the first few sentences in Portuguese haha! Then I realized what I was doing and erased it... I think I'm psyching myself out!   But it's awesome seeing this past week I've already begun to see the Gift of Tongues in myself-----BUT the real problem is the Gift of Interpretation of Tongues..... I have no idea what is being said hahahahah. I'll just have to say what I feel is right and bear testimony and pray they weren't talking about yesterday's leftover sandwiches. 

I'm super nervous about the flight and stuff.... I seriously feel like my mission is over but not really haha.  It's super strange... I'm so conflicted because I really don't want to leave--especially in the middle of all these amazing families and individuals we're teaching!!  But at the same time, Heavenly Father has been working overtime helping me feel comfortable and ready to go. Sooo many things have been happening.  OH! but one great one! haha,   This was a super weird, "final destination" moment for me last night:

So, we were walking back home from our last appointment and we were talking with our member who came out with us and I stepped on some rocks (they're everywhere) and felt something get stuck in my shoe--it's a lace-up shoe so it happens.  Haha.  I thought it was like a piece of tanbark or something wedged in my lace so I tried to kick it out while walking and talking and it was still there. so after a while I tried to reach down real quick and just take it out and it was sharp (it was dark so I couldn't see what it was)!  I was thinking “what is this,” .... so when I got back home I looked down and it was a nail!!  In my shoe!!  I was like WOAH!  It didn't even scratch me.  I felt nothing and it was bent so it literally just pierced through my shoe and around my foot and out the other side..... IT was a miracle!!! CRAZY!
There's more.... after I took some pictures (and thanked Heavenly Father for sparing my poor foot),  I pulled my foot out... AND MY SOCK WAS STUCK!! THE NAIL WENT THROUGH MY SHOE, THROUGH THE SOCK, AND OUT THE OTHER SIDE!!! and I didn't even get scratched!!!
I seriously felt so spared!   Hahahaha.  Wow.  I know it's so small and seemingly insignificant, but to me I literally felt like this was God helping me realize that He does need me in Brazil. If I had gotten stabbed in the foot, I would probably have gotten tetanus and gangrene and an amputated foot and died or just stayed in Nevada. LOL.  J/k.  Seriously, though, if I got hurt I may not be cleared to travel to Brazil.   I know it seems silly and God didn't put the nail there, but it was just a bunch of little events lined up that allowed me to realize that GOD SPARED MY FOOT so that I could go to Brazil and work there. If nothing else, it was a reminder and a blessing.  I definitely feel muuuuch better about the fact that I truly am needed in Brazil and I'm done here and it's time for other missionaries to take care of this area :(( as sad as it is.....

But other than that.... I can't remember what happened the rest of the week .....  Oh yeah!  An awesome guy came to church and said he was just looking for a church and wanted to come every week!  The Staffords are going to get baptized this Saturday!!!  I'm so excited!!!!  I'm also being super rushed to end emails so I will have to update next week!

I am packing slowly and grudgingly.... but it's happening.  I 'll leave it at the mission office and hopefully my bike as well.... LOVE YOU SO MUCH
I am so excited to meet those in Brazil that God has prepared me for. I can't wait to be completely immersed in their culture and language and life. Knowing Elder da Conceicao has helped sooo much in preparing me and I can't thank him and God enough for allowing me to know him. Even just knowing him has gotten me soo excited to meet more of his friends and family. I look back at my life and realize that I've been preparing for Brazil since HIGH SCHOOL!  When I met that girl from Brazil who was an exchange student, up till I worked at the MTC cafeteria and met people from Brazil and was friends with them and those who tried to teach me Portuguese! haha.

I know Heavenly father is soooo much more acutely aware of me than i ever knew. I am so grateful for His infinite love that HE would even care about one insignificant being as myself.. it's so incredibly comforting knowing that and that He cares just as much for everyone else around me. I love this gospel and this amazing opportunity to serve to give my all to Him and His children around me. I love you allll!!!!

Have a greaaat week!!
You are all in my prayers daily!!!<333
-Sister Yoshimoto

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  1. Hi Lauren, it is a really nice job! Keep doing it!