Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hastening and Hastening in Calico Ridge

March 10, 2014

[Lynette wrote of an experience of our dog showing he is afraid of spiders.  Really afraid.]

HAHAHAH!!!! I just read Mom's email!! LOL! Rusty is SOOO funny!!  I miss him sOOO much!!!   So many dogs here and they all love me but I'm like awwww you’re cute.... (but not as cute as Rusty...)  I whisper to them -- Rusty's better! jk.   haha.  But seriously. haha!  Never met a dog with such personality and unique-ity haha! 

I'm glad you got the letter from Elder da Conceicao!  He's seriously the sweetest guy!  He is sooo full of love for everyone he meets. It's so awesome.   I sure hope I can serve in his home ward in Teresina!!!

Wow!   So yesterday, our investigator, Sonya, and her little sister Mercedes Muncy got baptized!!!! 10 and 8years old. WOW!  It was the most amazing thing ever!  They are SO smart and amazing, we never thought this would happen because of how little discipline they have, it's really hard to teach them. They’re mom is super less active and on disability--some mental thing where she's basically like a child as well and their step dad -- he was SUPER anti-Mormon until we talked to him and really got to know him and showed him we're not as scary and mean as he thought haha.   Soooo basically, this week, a few days before their baptism, we found out that HE was baptized with his mom years ago!!!!!! WHAT! WHAAAT!! and as we were going to the baptism and he was like hey,  Sister Yoshi -- can I ask you something..... how can I get like... RE-baptized?   I feel like it's right now.   I want to be re-baptized because it's been so long since I went to your church  (He's the one who goes to Central Christian and was adamantly like THAT's the only church I will go to).  And we were on our way out, so we BARELY got to explain about the sacrament, etc. but WOW!  We NEVER thought that would happen!! This family, who we thought had barely a chance to, can now SOON go to the temple!!!!  They could get SEALED!!!!  WOW!!!  I seriously .. wow.   It was soooo amazing.  They may move in the summer to Cali, and I'm super scared they'll go inactive if the father isn’t supportive of going to church, but I just KNOW that no matter what happens, Those girls will remember the feeling they got when they were baptized. They will remember their new favorite song--I am a Child of God--and will always have that to lean on if they get lost and will have the gift of the Holy Ghost to guide them back to the truth.   I hope and pray that they will always remember the time we got to spend teaching them. Because I know I will!!! They are crazy girls, but I just LOVE them to death!!!! 

Also...... UPDATE ON THE ALLENs!!!! We had a BOMB lesson with them and the Spirit and the testimonies and everything were soooo amazing!!! They hardcore committed to baptism on 15th!!  This Saturday, they'll be baptized!!!! WOW! I can't believe it!!  It was seriously sooo incredibly insane how MUCH Satan worked on them -- both of them.  wow.  It's been quite the battle!  But he's finally felt it!  He knows and they are ready!  I can't wait.  It's going to be seriously the most spiritual crazy amazing baptism!!  I just KNOW I'm going to cry hahhaha.... yuck.  But anyway, he was awkward ish because he only has one tie -- a Harley Davidson tie -- and finally bought one other one haha!  So we got him a tie today.  I wanted to get him a zip tie.... but we didn’t.  I kind of wish we did now hahah!  It fits his personality heheheh.  They’re soooo incredibly great!  They literally asked us HOW they can share the gospel with others.   They are already soooo missinoary minded its hilarious!!!  wow!  I wish you could all come see it.  it's amazing.  This is the most amazing month ever!   We will almost have a baptism weekly this month -- still might.   The Staffords are hardcore set for the 29th! but Brother Stafford is still struggling with his commitment.  We want him to come to the Allen's baptism because we KNOW this will be a huge spiritual confirmation for him to know that THIS is what he needs and wants as well.  His family is soo excited for it, it's just him taking his time so we know it might just be a pride thing, or nerves. but the big reason we will find out this week!!!!  Because we have been praying and fasting a LOT for this.  I’m so excited!!!  I love how prayer and fasting work miracles in God's time. 

This week, Sister Nilson made a comment that made me laugh that I felt I needed to share with mom hehe.  We were at home making calls before we go out and she stopped before taking the phone from me and was like ... "you know, I noticed that every time we need to text someone you do it super fast and so well put and everything, but as soon as we need to call someone, somehow the phone is in MY hand and I'M making the call.... how does that happen everytime???  " LOOOOL! I was laughing so hard!! My sneaky skills have been paying off so well on my mission!!!!   hahahahhahahah.  Sister Jensen-Coon never even noticed.   heheheheh.

Anyway, this week, was another great week.  I've never done so well in an area before and it blows my mind how fast the work is moving!!  I KNOW it's because the Lord trusts this ward enough to allow such amazing new people to pop up everywhere!!!  We are teaching soo many families!!  This ward is just sooo warm and loving and welcoming and ready to help!!  It's soo great!  I can't wait for this amazing work to keep going!  I know that as long as we keep working hard and are keeping ourselves personally and as a companionship worthy, the work will continue to carry on!  I'm so excited!!  And I’m also really sad and slightly unwilling to receive my visa yet......... haha. soooooo I’ll just keep working and pretending/wishfully thinking it will not come yet! :) 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCHH!!!!! Keep working hard at home and at school and work! 
I got the kala brazileira and the letters/talks from dad!  Thank you so much!  That's one of my favorite talks ever!!!!  I will write the thank yous today! 

Amo voces MUITOOO!!!!  Tenha uma MUITO BOa E MARAVILHOSA SEMANA!!!! :)))
Com muito amor, 
Sister Yoshimoto<3

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