Monday, February 24, 2014

It is Fun to See the Lord's Hand in the Work

February 24, 2014

Yay!!! I'm glad you all got home safe!

You asked who Zane is.  Zane is Michael Okazaki's friend whose mother we were teaching.... “were” as in not anymore :( She dropped us, but i'm POSITIVE she will investigate again. When it's on her own terms.  She's so sweet and Zane is such a great kid.  I want to see him on a mission sooo bad!  He's soo incredibly prepared. He's going to change Mexico!  It will be awesome !! :)

I'm sorry to hear about Brother Maurer, but also I’m pretty happy for him!  He's doing great work up there already, I'm sure!  … and he's probably soo incredibly happy to be with his wife again in peace and happiness :)   If there's a memorial service, I'd like to have one of the programs or something. :)   I'll never forget his sweet spirit and how much he loved us as kids … teaching us the thumb twiddle and “see you later alligator! “  :)

So this week was really good. To answer mom's questions: The lady with Brenda at the Fireside was Sister Jenny Hammond, she's an AWESOME member!   She's sooo great and seriously one of the best member missionaries!!!   She is always so willing and soooo friendly and loving to all who are new.  She is awesome.   Brenda and Matt are doing soo great!   Brenda literally said she could get baptized today. but she is waiting for her husband to be ready.   He is so ready and knows it’s true and wants it, but wants to read the whole Book of Mormon, first.  He's halfway through Alma.  But, honestly, I feel like it might be some excuse.  We will need some real inspiration and inspired questions for him to figure out what the real concerns may be.   Also, the amazing Stafford Family is on the same boat really, she's ready to do it and so excited and always telling people she's about to get baptized when she introduces herself to the ward.  She literally said “I'll wait for him and if I feel he's close to being ready by the date (March 8), then  I'll hold off, but if not, I’m not waiting forever.  I want this done!”   :)  She's so amazing. He wants to be baptized, too, he's just nervous or something.  We also need to figure out about his true concerns.  This is the fun part.   Learning to allow the spirit to really work through us to help us uncover what might be holding them back, because we only see the surface, but God knows exactly what they need.  We just need to find that out and catch up!  We'll update next week!!!

So, for the past couple of weeks, I've been slightly freaking out because of how well this area is doing...... IT SCARES ME!!!   We've been getting the BEST numbers I've ever experienced --including Kingman!!!!   which was like the promised land!!   It's INSANE because this area has been slow and dead and really hard since it's been here.  When we were getting 4 or 5 or 7 lessons a week they said it was the best numbers this area has had for a looong time.   Now I've literally seen this area EXPLODE and it's moving so fast and people are coming to church, progressing, meeting with us, CHANGING!   It's amazing. what an incredible blessing it is for ME to see this transformation and amazing growth in this area -- honestly because of the members and the incredibly prepared people searching for the truth  and really willing to hold on to it!!  Heavenly Father never ceases to amaze me with His power and love and hand in ALL things.  It's literally one of my absolute favorite things ever!!!  That is, going to a new area, seeing how rough and tough it is, and working really hard to see the powers of Heaven take over and allow it to bloom and grow.   I feel so incredibly privileged and blessed to be a part of this work.  There is absolutely NO way this is anyone's work but God's.  There is just 100% NO possible way that we alone could move this work forward.  If anyone--ANYone just took the time to look into it and even just logically see how it works, how the church works, the FACTs, there is no way it's anyone's work but God's.  And yet, without all those facts and temporal knowledge, the Spirit is here and it's impossible to deny. 

I can't believe how much I've grown in such a short period of time. I was reading my journal from the beginning of the mission, MTC and Kingman.  Wow ...  I struggle with the same things, yet have grown in so many areas.  I read the advice I got from all of you and wow, I can see how each thing has played into my journey so far – and even saved me – I can't believe how blessed I am to be able to go on a mission.  I honestly HONESTLY would be lost and wandering still, if I didn't come on a mission.  The testimonies I've gained are priceless.  I am SOOO incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be out here.   I can't say it enough.   I can see my patriarchal blessing being fulfilled like a prophecy!!   It's unreal!! but soooo darn cool.   I can't wait to see the rest come true as well.. well most of it …  hahahha. jk.   I feel like I'm 5 again haha. I’M SO GLAD I’M A MISSIONARY.  )   Perfect. 

Well, I have to end now but I LOVE  YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! <3

Com muito amorrrr!!!<3
-Sister Yoshimoto

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