Monday, February 10, 2014

I Want to End the Transfer in Calico Ridge with a Bang

February 10, 2014

Oi familia!!!!!

Sooooo, I can't believe another transfer is coming to an end!! :(  Time flies sooo quickly.  This week was a rough one though.   I don't know what it was but I've just been feeling sooooo bogged down lately. Maybe I just haven’t recovered fully from being sick last week.   But I don’t know what it is!   I'm super excited for this week though!   We're going to end this transfer with a BANG!!  We have sooo many great appointments already and new part member families that we're teaching now and it's sooo exciting!!  Yay! 

So first of all the pictures here are of Bryon and his friend who's the member, and of my Green Valley zone!! :) Right before I left :( 

But anyway, I will send more pictures. in a separate email.

So, this coming week will be really great!  We met a suuuper awesome and amazingly prepared family that I told you about before -- the Staffords --  and we set them for the 15th (you can all come to the baptism!!!  haha),  but DARN SATAN is throwing so many obstacles already. Sickness, busy schedules, etc. so we haven't been able to see them.  So we're seeing them tonight and will hopefully be able to either push the date to the 22nd or cram the lessons in if we can meet with them every day before this Saturday.  However, they were a little unsure because the date we felt was super close -- so we asked them to pray about it and we'll see how they feel about it today.  We KNOW they're ready and totally able to be baptized by the 15th but we want them to make sure it's their decision and that they feel right about it as well.  When the spiritual confirmation is personal, that's when true lasting conversion is achieved. and that's what we want for them.  They are an AMAZING family.  Wow!  I can't believe Heavenly Father trusted US with them.  It’s probably because He realized they’re so incredibly prepared that there's no WAY we could screw this one up!   haha! 

Yay!  It rained here as well!  Suuuuuper random!  Like seriously.. there was a week of super cloudy and windy and like for sure a storm coming then it was blue skies.  Then all of a sudden RAIN.   What?   But yay!  I'm glad it's raining there too!  I prayed it wasn't just Nevada haha. Gotta feed those tomato plants! or something.  I'm not sure how bad the drought is. but I'm grateful for the rain! :)

I'm not sure what happened this week.   It really just flew by, but I’m glad its over.  It was a tough one.  But this coming week will be GREAT!  I've learned so much already and can't wait to find out about Transfers this Saturday -- when you all are here..... WEIRD. but it'll be interesting to see what happens.  haha.  Transfers: the most stressful excitement of the mission.

Tell everyone we said Hi!! I love you all!!!  Tell Maryann I said Hi!
I miss you all!!  Hope all is well and you are all in my prayers by name every night!   Sorry I can't keep up with individual emails :(( 

Safe trip here and tell everyone I said Hi and save me some food and don't forget to kidnap me hehe. jk. AMO VOCES!!!<333333

Sis Yoshimoto

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