Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Heavenly Father Is Aware of Us and Knows Our Struggles

February 17, 2014

[Note:  The Yoshimoto family is in Henderson, Nevada for our biennial Okazaki family reunion.   Sister Yoshimoto was given special permission to call us, let us take her and her companion to lunch and to invite us to a special fireside to meet her investigator.  Sister Yoshimoto and her companion were also able to teach her uncle and aunt and their daughter!]

Oi todo mundo!!!!<333

WOW! WHAT an amazzzing weekend!  I can't believe it actually happened!  haha, It was SUCH a blessing to be able to see you all.  Wow!  I canNOT believe I was allowed to do that!   It was seriously such a miracle and I'll tell you why.

Story time: 

So this week was a looooong week.  It was fine.  I was excited and ready to find out the new transfer!  On Wednesday, I got a phone call from Sister Jensen-Coon in Green Valley.  Apparently, Mason--I don' t know if I wrote about him before--passed away from a drug overdose.  He had a lot of drug problems and was in jail, but we were allowed to write letters to him and keep in touch and keep teaching through letters and help uplift and what not.  He was seriously so awesome.   He had a hard time, but I truly got to see his true change of heart.  He believed it all with all his heart. bore testimony to us and was just so amazing. He had gotten out the day before and then was found dead of an overdose.  They don't know what happened but believe it was an accidental OD....  It seriously broke my heart.  It was harder, because I wasn't with Sis Jen-Coon so the memories of Scott Bybee came flooding back and no one around really understood.  Then a few days later, Friday, I found out another of our investigators passed away from a motorcycle accident.  It was just one hit after another and I seriously felt like I was drowning. It felt like everyone I grew to love so much and felt so connected to and had put so much into, was failing. and I felt all of the struggles of this area and just my situation and personal trials, added onto this all,  I just felt numb. I felt like all of my motivation and drive just left me and I couldn't grasp onto my purpose anymore.  It was a scary week.   I was seriously just numb and on autopilot and the work wasn't doing anything for me anymore.   But basically, not to be all down and gloomy, the cool part of the story followed!!!

[Note:  Scott Bybee was a former investigator who took his own life.]

Earlier in the week and then on Friday afternoon, we were talking to Zane about my family reunion and he was like yeah! ask President!  He will totallly let you go!  And I was like haha that'd be cool. but I was pretty much 100% not going to call him or ask or anything.  I thought it'd be not allowed and just not something he should have to worry about.   But Friday night, the night before anyone ever finds out about transfers, President calls and just tells us we're staying in the same area … same companionship.  Kind of a random, almost unnecessary call, and he asked is there anything else you might need?  Sis Nilson and I looked at each other and so we just asked if we could have you come meet our investigator at the fireside.   He said Of course!   And have them take you out to lunch or dinner! :) WHAT!!!   It was awesome!!!

And basically, this whole visit. WOW! The handbook says not to because it gets people trunky and homesick and everything, but to be completely honest, it had the very opposite effect on me.  It was seriously, exactly what I needed.  It was like I had my fire relit and the drive and motivation and everything just came flooding back!   I remembered my purpose!   I got to remember really what I'm doing here. Who I'm here for. Why I'm here!  To help others have the amazing family (or close) that i have!  :)  When we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation to Aunty Megumi and Uncle Chucky,   It was the most amazing moment of my mission, even though it wasn't the best I've ever done as a teacher.  I was nervous and kind of off my game still -- but it just all hit me.  I want them to have each other forever. They deserve the happiness this gospel  has to offer -- the peace, the joy -- and so does everyone in this area; everyone out here.  I remembered exactly why I'm out here.  Even though those investigators didn't get to accept the gospel in this life, the opportunity to do so is still there in the Spriit world.  In that moment, I KNEW that the Plan of Salvation is real.  That I AM doing what I'm supposed to be doing out here, no matter what the outcome,  I've done my part and the Savior knows their situations and what they knew, wanted, and loved.  They are taken care of and I can still help others out here inspite of this and because of this experience.  Wow! My testimony of God's love and awareness of ME has shot up.  I know that even when I was so numb and empty, He knew me and was right there.  He understood what I was going through and DID hear my prayers.  He KNEW what I needed and what needed to happen to make it happen.  The timing, the phone call from President, everything.   It all fell into place and I can never deny the miracle of this week. I KNOW this gospel is true. I know more than anything that God loves me and everyone I meet, that He is so incredibly aware of every little thing that happens to me.  Whether I stub my toe, or I lose a loved one, He is there holding me up, whether I realize it or not. 

On top of all of that. it was SO amazing to see you all and to spend time with you all!  I love you all sooo much!!!  YOU are all so much my motivation to be out here.  I love you all and you are ALL in my prayers by name every night.  I love you sooo much!!  I know you are doing so much good at home and where you all are.   It's the best motivation in the world!!!!


-Sister Yoshimoto

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