Monday, February 3, 2014

This Area is Exploding!

February 3, 2014

Oi Minha Familia!

Oh man ... so I feel like as long as I'm in this area, I'll have absolutely no time to read any of these emails.... :((( Anything more than like a paragraph or 2 I have no way of reading it :( 

I'm SO SORRY!  I read and try to respond to as much and as many as possible but I literally just have no time to and no way to print it.   Sighh.  I think you can all still send it and I can let it build up until I go to another place and print out 100 pages haha. :)

But anywayyyy...... I asked President and he said I could see Michael!  But he's out of town and probably won't have time to meet up.   haha.  lame.   But it's SUPER COOL, because guess what??

We got a referral for a part member family and we went over and met this lady, Tracy who is the nonmember part.  And she is GREEAT!   She doesn't feel ready to change or anything, but really truly needs the atonement and the healing it can give her.   And she at least feels open to discussions. so we're suuuper excited for that!   But her son--the member part of the family-- he was baptized 4 years ago and referred her.   So he doesn’t go to the single's ward or to the ward he lives in but goes to the Desert Rose ward so I asked if he knew the Okazaki’s and APPARENTLY, he's suuper good friends with Michael!!   HAHA!   SO RANDOM! but suuuper cool!   All these really cool connections! aRRyone knows the Okazakis!  Can't wait to hear THESE stories!! ;D   Just wait til I tell them the stories WE have! HAHA. jk. 

Hey, Raina's been on my mind lately, how is she doing? How's Uncle Chucky and Aunty Megumi? 

I got Kei's Letter!!! AHHH!! I Want to write back sooo badly!!!! I don't have time!!! BUT WHAT !!! I want to know what's going on!!!! How did WED go????

I will write a letter today.... .I think. AH!   And Travis is getting stalked?   What's new with Cami and Jer? and EM? haha. I feel lke everything is changing!!!! 

Man, it's going to be super weird when you're all here next week. or week after. I don’t rememeber. this transfer is almost over and I'm freaking out.... it's week 5!!! WHAT! aghh...

Well, wow, I really am so excited about this area. I feel like that after a long time of hard work and little success, the area has truly been growing, but WOW this week has shown us that not only is it growing, it's EXPLODING!!!   Instead of the tons of new investigators--sketchy and open, but not quite prepared yet--but now we're truly finding the elite!  WOW!  It's amazing just seeing that come into works.  It's amazing.   All over, we are finding those who are truly looking for something more, have done their research, or knew people, or just want to know.  I can't wait!!!!!   There's a family, the Staffords.  They have been going to church and finally decided they want to get serious.  They are so open and have read the Book of Mormon and are sooo incredibly prepared and ready for this gospel--mostly for their family. they seriously LOOK  Mormon already.   WOW. They should be ready within the month to be baptized so they can be well on their way to the temple in a year!!! :)   I’m so excited for them!  

Wow. the gospel is AMAZING!!!!!  haha.   I can't write everyting out right now and I feel like I might not be able to ever because I’M SO STRESSED WITH HOW LITTLE TIME WE HAVE!  AHHH!!!

But I am just so incredibly grateful for the mercy of God that He has allowed me to repent and be prepared and worthy to be here on a mission!  I am grateful to be able to learn and gain so much for myself as I put in my all for those He puts in my path. I'm soooo grateful for the sacrifices and support from all of you at home that truly keeps me going and allows for me to even be here at all.  I am so insanely grateful for the chance I have to meet all those put in my path. This ward is amazing. I am so privileged to be here in this area at this time in this mission. What a blessing it is for us to be entrusted with this amazing work---which really just shows how much it isn't our work at all.  There's no way possible we could do anything like this at all.  We are instruments in His hands.  My favorite analogy is the Potter and the Clay.  I can't wait to see the results of our efforts in this area! I love you all soooo much!!!!!

Tenha uma grande semana!!!!
-Sister Yoshimoto

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