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Bon diaaaaaaaaaaaaaa familia!!!

Date: May 28, 2014 7:58 AM
Subject: bon diaaaaaaaa familia!!!

Oi familia!!!

This week is kerrrrrrazy!!!   We left Sunday for a meeting for leaders in Teresina.  We were there allllll Monday for the meeting, left Tuesday morning and didn’t return until Tuesday afternoon. We were both sick. haha.  I don’t know what happened but Sister Beus and I were really sick --stomach sick – on Sunday so the 5 hour bus ride to Teresinawas miserable.  So … that was fun but, yes, the meeting was sooo worth it.  There is sooooooooo much to learn and not enough brain space!!  ahhh!!  But now we’re back and have a full day to work tomorrow, and on Friday we have another meeting for our zone -- almost the entire day in Sobral.......  More traveling.  Aaaaagh.  haha.  I dislike car rides in general, but here it’s even worse with either no A/C or too much A/C.   Then we have the bumpy and winding roads and everything.  Remember the road to Hana on Maui?   Yeah, that was nothing.  hahaha.  Contacts on the bus are the devil..... but it’s worth it right:?  That’s what they tell me. haha

jk.  Even with all that, I love it.  Brasil is awesome!!

This week really is really great.  Muuuuuuuuuuuch revelation! and milagres!!!!!  [miracles]

We have so many less actives coming back to church!  I’m soooooo excted!!  We have a huuuuge emphasis here -- 50% emphasis -- on less actives.  I’m not sure if I told you the promise we received from a prophet, but he promised that if we focus 50% on less actives here, we will double in baptisms.  Retention is the key!  Seriously, it is.  It doesn’t make a difference if we are baptizing everyone if they don’t really believe enough to stay active and firm in the gospel -- not just the church, but in the gospel.   So we’re working a lot with them.  Ahhh!  I don’t have time to share everything but I will write about one couple—Larissa and Daniel.  They are coming back to church and are sooooooooo amazing.  I love them and they’re getting married in July.  I think I told you already, but I’m just suuper happy, because they came to church this past Sunday and loved it.   Everyone loved them, too, and it was awesome. 

Other miracles:  Felipe and Roberto are friends who work for one of our members.  This member went to the temple (24hours away) and there he received personal revelation about his workers. He said he saw Felipe and knew that he would receive the gospel--woahhhhhh.  So he invited them to church and they accepted the invitation and they came and loved it!!!  We are teaching them, now.   They are 23 and 20 yrs old and suuuper awesome and fun and cool.  They’re just really great and we were teaching them and found out that Felipe’s girlfriend, years ago, went to church for like 2 years but never was baptized because her parents wouldn’t let her.  Now they’re coming back to church and everything.   Amazing.  I know it’s not a coincidence.  I’m sooo excited for them.

I have no time, again.  President might change the rule again so we have less time buuuuuut we’ll see.  I hope not.   I won’t be able to read any eamails ^( 
I want to share a talk I read -- I looooooove general conference talks wow.  This is from the Liahona dad sent me a long time ago -- thank you sooo much.   BTW, I loooooove this magazine.  May 2013.  Obedience to the Law is Liberty by Elder L. Tom Perry.  Suuuuuper powerful.  I have almost everything marked up so I don’t remember what I wanted to share but I just want to say how incredibly important it is to understand the Adversary and his plan. It is important to know that we are  here to help others remember that truly, the world has changed, but God never does.  My favorite quote:  “Indeed our heaven is little more than a projection of our homes into Eternity.”

I am sooo incredibly blessed to have our family.  I know that not everyone has such a blessing, but I know that we have the power to create this kind of great family with our own families in the future.  I want my heaven to be how my family is when are all together and I want my future family to have that same blessing -- to always want to come home and be together and to look forward to when the family is together for FHE.  Truly, THIS is our heaven. 

Sei que este evangelho e realemente o evangelho de Cristo completo aqui na terra. Sei que  Joseph Smith viu Deus e Cristo e foi chamado por eles  restaurar este evangelho na terra para todos de nos. sei que esta igreja, a igeja de JEsus Cristo dos santos dos Ultimos Dias e a unica igreja completamente verdadeira na face da terra, que significa e a unica igreja com todas as chaves e autorizacao de Deus para fazer a obra Dele. Sei que o Livro de Mormon e a palavra de Deus e junto com a Biblia podemos saber com certeza o que temos que fazer para voltar a presenca Dele e viver com nossas familias para sempre com Deus. Sei que tudo mundo pode receber este mesmos certeza por meio de oracao  e  o Espirito Santo. Isso e meu testemunho em nome de Jesus Cristo, Amen.

[I know that this gospel is the complete gospel of Jesus Christ here on Earth.  I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Christ and was called by them restore this gospel on earth for all of us. I know this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true and complete church on earth.  That means this is the only church with all keys and authorization from God to do His work.  I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and together with the Bible, we can know with sureness what we have to do to return to His presence and live with our families forever with God.  I know that all the world can receive this same certainty through prayer and the Holy Spirit. That is my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.]

-Sister Yoshimoto

photos: in Brasil, EVERYONE needs the gospel! 

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