Monday, November 25, 2013

A Tragedy, Our Savior's Unconditional Love, and Our Responsibility to Reach Out in Love

Meus Queridos Familia e Amigos!

Happy week of Thanksgiving!!!!  I just want to say how truly thankful I am for every single one of you and all that you have done for me, whether you knew it or not! Every one of you has impacted my life in a way that has shaped who I am today. I am truly grateful for the privilege of knowing and having every single one of you in my life.  I am so grateful to be on a mission, to be in this area, at this time, in this mission, with these amazing people and missionaries. I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow and become more of the person I want to be and to be able to learn so much more about my Savior and the true power of Our Heavenly Father and His Love and plan for each of us.  I am so grateful for this amazing church that I know has the fullness of the Gospel and the Restored Priesthood on the Earth again. It's the greatest blessing I have in my life, the knowledge of this truth. 

Also, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!!! I don't even know how many years hehe. I Love you both soooooo much!!!! and I'm sooo grateful for both of you and, seriously, all you do for us!  I never truly understood how blessed I am! Tell Emily this, cause she'll miss it when she's gone!  haha. (aka do your chores now) hehe. 

So, I guess I will just get it out here right now. Dad, you can put this on the blog or not. edit it or whatever you feel is fit, but I just want all you, the familiy, to know what's been happening this week. I don't know how publicized it is, probably more so in the LDS community, but it's been much publicized here in the Henderson/Vegas area. There was a young man, 26, named Scott Bybee who was a less active member in our Royal Mesa YSA Ward.  Scott was the sweetest, kindest, funniest guy.  He suffered from a number of difficult mental hardships including depression and bipolar disorder. We had a few dinner groups with him and had been meeting with him a bit.  Hadn't seen him for a while, but we texted him and asked how he was, we hadn't seen him in church for a while and he said he was having a real hard week. We set up a time to see him Tuesday night. We were on our way to his house when we got the voicemail message. A little less than an hour before, Scott went to the Las Vegas Temple, walked into the atrium and committed suicide. 

In church this Sunday, the bishop called a meeting in the 3rd hour and talked a lot about it and how we can learn from this and let this experience help us instead of hurt us. We talked about how his depression got so bad that maybe he just couldn't progress any more in this life, but now he can.  I don't know.  It was a lot to take in. but all I can say is that I know Scott is an amazing young man and had such a testimony of the Gospel and always tried to do what was right. The truth of the matter is, we never know the trials of others or what they are going through.  Especially in this time of year, but for every time of the year, be thankful for those you have around you. They are given to you as blessings to be those angels that will be there for you and lift you up when everything is falling down.  Don't ever ignore that blessing!  And even if everyone else abandons you, there is one who never will.  Our Savior has felt it all,  He's fallen below us all, and has risen above it all, as well, so that we don't have to do it alone. I know this to be true. and I know that we can't know everything behind everyone's story.  But we can know that each person goes through their own struggles. It's not our job to necessarily know their struggles. but it IS our job to help them through it. to love them  no matter what.  Unconditionally!

I love you all so much, and I know how loving you all are to all those around you, but sometimes, that's just not enough! We have to make sure that everyone around us KNOWS that we love them. Don't be afraid to reach out to those in need. or just to reach out. You never know just how much of a difference this can truly make. We are never alone, neither should we be. we're put here on this earth TOGETHER  to help each other get back to our Heavenly Father TOGETHER.  It isn't a competition.  It's a group effort.  I love you all so much, and i want you all to know this. 

I know the power of the Atonment is real.  I know that my Savior lives, that God lives, and that He has given us this Church to help us all return to Him.  I know that there is no other way to true complete happiness than by Jesus Christ . I know that He is there for us no matter what and that through His Atonment, we can overcome all things.  I am so grateful for this gospel and for my Savior and my family who has taught me these things since childhood.  Thank you all for your prayers and love and support!  I love you all sooo much!  You are ALL in my prayers always. 
Com Muito Amor,
Sister Yoshimoto

AND:   Please read: "Like a Broken Vessel"  by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. 

ps. what ever happened to Adrian? That one investigator who was super logical and went to church every week sitting on the right near the front?
pps. i might need some coats from DI.... IT's gettin cold here!! :(( i already bought a scarf and hat so i'm good just need a good jacket. thanks sooo much!
ppps. transfers!!! Sis Jensen-Coon and I are staying here in the YSA! woohoo!! 
pppps. we just got a BUNCH more VISA paperwork to fill out. apparently we need to do a bunch of FBI Background checks now too.... sighh. more paperwork haha. :P 
ppppps. LOVE YOU ALL <333

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