Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Excited to Get to Work in HOT, HOT, HOT Sao Luiz Maranhao

6 August 2014

Bom dia família e amigos queridos!     [Good morning family and dear friends!]

I won’t be writing too much today.  I’m a little sick-- just a cold or something.  Mom, no worries :) I’m drinking a LOT and I’ll be better real soon.  But for now my voice is very manly and I think I’ll sleep this Pday :)

But quick updates:  Wow, Update on Maranhão! It is suuuuure hot! haha. but I’m sooo grateful for the wind, because if I was in Teresina, I could die for sure.  It’s hotter than here, but without wind.  It’s the only thing saving me somedays haha.  Or every day. but yeah, it’s interesting. I think I’ve acclimated to it a little, but not really. basically, perspiring constantly is just normal here.  Don’t even worry about it.  The showers are cold. Always. But as soon as you step out, you’re sweating again. haha.  Lovely, isnt it? :)   But at least we have a fan.  It’s on 24/7 in our room throughout the entire night so that’s nice. 

My companion is Sister Marques!  Sorry for last week, the computers were suuuuper incredibly slow, but hopefully this week I can send a mountain of pics.  Sister Marques is very similar to Sister Pedreira,  hahahhaa.  Appearance-wise and she’s also from Sao Paulo.  They call Utah the factory of the US and Sao Paulo the factory of Brasil -- factory of missionaries, haha.  It is true, but funny.  Anyway, she’s veryryyyryryyryryyy bubbbly and excited and she hates silence so she’s always talking or asking questions, which is good for me because I like silence too much and end up thinking too much to myself which causes my companions to think I’m upset with something.  So it’s really good she keeps me talking :)  Also, she’s scared of the dark so we sleep with the lights on....all..night... hahaha.  It’s very interesting. but it all works out because I use that eye mask thing from the airplane ride here.  What a blessing that I kept that haha :)

I miss Tianguá soooo much!  It’s sooo different here.  We have work to do to help the ward become united in faith.  Right now, it is a little difficult to bring new people in and keep the recent converts active as the ward struggles with unity.  Because of this we’ve decided to really focus on helping to excite and unify the core of the ward before trying to bring in mountains of other people.  I've seen soooo much in my mission that I know this is truly how it works.  Calico Ridge is my living testimony -- when the ward is ready and working, the Lord will allow us to find the truly elite. This ward is very much like Calico Ridge was when I arrived there.  That zone was really struggling. but when everyone got together and was truly working hard and being as obedient as possible, everything fell into place and the Lord blessed us all. This São Luis zone is the lowest zone right now, so I’m super excited to work with Sister Marques to really help this area bloom and flourish!!  We’ll be prepping the fields for the rain and I can’t wait to put my all into another area. 

I received the birthday stuff this week! and some things from June! :(Sorry everyone! but mail is realllyyyyy slow here.  Please give my love and hugs and kisses to the ward and everyone who is truly helping me here every day. I am sending letters so it’ll probably arrive in a month and a half  … haha.  But let them know its coming!!  Especially the Bertagnolli’s.  Wow, I received a package fuuuull of "packing" haha. AMERICAN SNACKS!!  Wow. and peanut butter... what a beautiful sight haha. 

Thank you soooo much for the cards and letters and pics!!!  I had an amazing birthday and I feel really bad now because I forgot to email last week HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! :))) 

But don’t worry, I didn’t forget about your birthday!  We went and had Guarana de Amazonia for your birthday!  I’ll send a pic.  It’s guarana em po [guarana powder], a bunch of nuts, and ice.  Just that.  And it’s suuuuuuper good and it’s like a giant milk shake but it’s not so it’s healthy and superererr gooood.   But we forgot that it was the first Saturday so we would be fasting for Sunday...... but we forgot so we ate anyway and fasted the next day. haha. Oops.  Happy Birthday!!!!
I hope it was a greaaaat birthday!!

I also received letters from the Jackson family in Calico Ridge. Wow, I was sooooo happy to receive them! I will be writing back ASAP!  But please let them know that I really love them a ton and will be coming back to visit them and the Allen’s and the Stafford’s and everyone!!! 

I’ll send pics now, but I am soooo excited for this transfer!  I am keeping you all in my prayers every night by name!!  The time is moving toooo fast and it’s super sad, but it’s not done yet! Now is the time to work even harder!  … And I can’t wait!!! :)

Com muiiiiiiiito amor!!!!         [with LOVE]
e de todo de meu coração!      [and with all of my heart]
<3333Sister Yoshimoto

AMO VOCE!<3                     [LOVE YOU!]          

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