Monday, August 18, 2014

DIA DOS PAIS [Father’s Day]

Aug 13, 2014 11:46 AM
This week Sunday was Dia Dos Pais [Father’s Day]!  hahaha, e differente [it is different] here (the day), but anyway, Happy Dia Dos Pais! 

Andddddddd this Friday, Happppy Birthday Camiiiiiiii!!!! you old tomato, youuuuuu!!! :)
Sometimes   I feel really old when I tell people I’m 21, but then I remember your birthday and that you’re super old too, hehehehhe, and I feel better hahahahahahah jkkkkkkkkkkk.  Happy birthday hope you eat lots of cake and ice cream and talvez eu vou [maybe I’ll] send tanajura [giant ants]  hehehe . Gross.

As always, no time but I have some questions and highlights !  It will be real short and sweet this week and this computer nao send pic...... sorry :(    [won’t send pictures]

How is Grama doing? 
When does Emily start school/go to Hawaii?
Do you know a david kilgirl , I dont know the spelling. who served  in Londrina mission? or a Elder Beck who lives in SJ now but served in Brasil?
I met a member here who served with people from SJ!  His name is Tiago Enrique and would have been Elder Sousa. de maranhao. [from Maranhao]

This week we met a member -- lots of members -- who have turtles . hahaha.  And it reminded me of the time Emily and I found a turtle in the back yard and played with him and named him but at the end of the day we knew that we had to set him free but we wanted him to remember us and  to recognize him some day in the future when we met again so we took a Sharpie and drew a giant Y on his shell and set him free hahahahha.  Ask Emily if she reembers that.  lol

It’s really expensive here!  Everything.   But   we don’t eat too much anyway because its soo hot. but the members are all sooooo giving.  Wow!  It’s humbling to see just how willing they  are to give everything when they have so little.  Food is expensive yet they always give to the missionaries. What a blessing they are and I truly pray and trust the Lord will bless them for their sacrifices on our behalf . 

Japanese are rare here.  It’s really funny because I’ll be walking with my comp and just like those movie scenes were everyone stops mid-sentence and just stares as we walk by ---like " look.... what is it??  I heard about them on TV but never knew they were real."  Sometimes I feel like either a movie star or ET.  Not sure yet which, but it’s always funny when we see themd o this and say bom dia!  [Good day!]  And they all snap out of it and don’t know whether to respond and act like nothing happened so muitos vezes [many times] they just grunt or say bom [good]   hahah.   We always get a good laugh out of it.....

The work is going well here!  We have soooo much work with the menos ativos [less active] but it’s going soooo well.  We have so many who really just need a little support and unconditional love … someone to listen to their doubts and help them understand how to find the answers to their questions.  Little by little they are getting excited and I know they will "catch the wave" once they see how gratifying it is to help bring someone back to the gospel.  I love menos ativos.[less actives].  Seriously, I just want them to know how much Heavenly Father still loves them.  Sometimes that’s all they need to know.  We have a recent convert, l--Wervesson. his wife is a member firme [firm] but he was struggling a little.  We just befriended him and have been doing FHE and what not and all of a sudden he’s excited to go to church.  I can tell he’ll be a great leader in the church one day.  He’s already trying to help befriend the non-member visitors at church.  It’s super cute hahaha;   

How was the canyoneering trip??? survived;?? hahaha. I don’t remember what else I wanted to ask, but I’m out of time :(   One day I’ll write all I want to write and respond to everyone.......or maybe not haha.  P-days are stressful hahaha.

Love you allll and love hearing from you!!!  Thank you for the updates.  Hope everything is well.  I will print and read everything today.
You are all in my prayers every night!!!!
-Sister Yoshimoto

 -ps, sorry Laura, vou escever para voce LOOOGOOO. desculpa, mas por favor, me envia seu endereço e vou te enviar uma carta por correio tá? :) <3

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