Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Apr 2, 2014

Ola familia e amigos!!!!

Soooo... guess who's in Brasilllllll.......

Well, we actually missed our flight soooo..   [connecting flight in Atlanta?]

BUT we caught the next one and got here anyway :)


SOOOOO weird... I still don't believe it.  It kept hitting me all of a sudden -- I'm in Brasil... what??!?

We walk out of the airport and into the JUNGLE.  WOAH!  I forgot what green looked like!
It was soooooooooo hard to leave Vegas, but I very much feel the comforter pulling me to Brasil.  I am so excited!  Super nervous about the Portuguese, mostly because I cannot understand anything and will soon be very much like the guy on The Best Two Years when he got to Holland.  But I'm sooo excited!!!!  I said my goodbyes Monday night and got a blessing from one of my favorite families --the Ward Mission Leader, the Williams.  I love them sooo much and am soo excited for them to keep the work booming with Sister Nilson and Sister Area!  It's going to be great!!  Especially with the Jackson family's baptism in two days.!!!  I'm so sad I won't be there...  I think my hardest challenge here will be not looking back.  I want to remember everything and bring the amazing things I've learned with me to Brasil, but I need to remember not to keep looking back. I finished my work there -- I truly felt the confirmation of doing what I needed to do in Vegas, so now it's time to look forward and find why I am needed for 8.5 months here!

My companion is...... Sister Merrill!!! She was in my district in the MTC haha!  I just will never have to meet another new person as my companion again!  Lucky me!!! :))
She's the one who sang Savior Redeemer of my Soul in the MTC when I played cello!  I'm soooo excited!!!  I am NOT excited for the fun MTC things like sharing a community bathroom and room with 5 bajillion other sisters.... but it's okay!  It's only 2 weeks!!

The flight was torture...... each seat had its own screen where we could do stuff -- they had a bajillion movies, old and super new, and music and tv shows and ALL KINDS OF TEMPTATIONS!!!! [Missionaries can’t watch movies] and no matter what I did, where I looked, someone had a movie or tv show playing in front of me..... it was so insane.  I just listened to my iPod [Missionaries can listen to uplifting church music on their iPods] and slept. or tried to.  It was soo uncomfortable -- my tailbone hates me  hahahahahah  but it was fun.  Quite the adventure.  I still have vertigo every few minutes... super weird haha. but man do I love this humidity.  Sao Paolo is GORGEOUS!!!  I was thinking how this is really not too bad!  It very much reminds me of Hawaii!!  But then I was reminded it’s Fall here and going into Winter and this is way south of Teresina.  The fun is yet to begin hahahah.

It was really interesting talking to another missionary who was on the plane who came from the Columbus Ohio mission reassigned.  He was out of the main city area in a place way south that no leaders ever go to -- so they were quite apostate -- kinda like Kingman except we weren't apostate in Kingman -- lol but it was soooo interesting hearing about their mission vs ours in Vegas.  WOW we were SO incredibly blessed to have President Neider and such amazing AMAZING missionaries and leaders.  No wonder our mission was 2nd top baptizing in the US.  We were so obedient and we take things seriously.  I'm sure not all of the other missionaries are like this, but Elder Harris -- my traveling companion from Vegas reassigned as well-- and I were the only ones who actually stayed away from the movies and tv shows on the flight.   hahahhaha.  We were both like ... what..... you actually watched that??  LOL but we can't judge.  They didn't have such an amazing president and mission mom who literally LOVED each of us into WANTING to follow the rules as exactly as posssible.  I feel soooo incredibly blessed to have been able to serve in their mission for 9 months.  It’s something I will never forget and never regret.  I am also so excited to be here in the CTM no Brasil para comecar minha missao aqui em Brasil!!!!  I love it here already.  I love the people, the culture, the land, the everything.  It's sooooo amazing!!  And I can't wait to learn even more!!  I will take pictures and send them.  It's so crazy.... I'm in Brasil!! WHAT??

ps. It was really funny,  One sister told us that we are going to be baptizing a LOT more than we were in our reassignments [temporary mission assignments like the Nevada Las Vegas Mission]. And Elder Harris and I looked at each other and I know what we were both thinking -- you haven't been to the NLV Mission, have you?  haha. jk.  We're not really that stuck up. but we just love NLVM.

pps. We're going to be doing awesome non normal MTC things here -- like going out into the streets outside and contacting in Portuguese to practice and stuff like that!!  REAL PEOPLE YAY!!  So excited but nervous and scared I'll just stare at them if they talk!!!  I'll just say hi! church. come? and hope they don't ask me anything. hehe.

I'M SUCH AN EMOTIONAL MESS RIGHT NOW!!  I DON'T know if I'm scared or happy.  I'm also still kinda sick from the flight (and the stress), but I'm excited. but so nervous! ahhh!!  I'll update you on Pday when I'm more together.  Sorry for the mess of an email.  I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
com muuiiiiiitoo amor!!
do brasil,
Sister Yoshimoto

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