Monday, January 6, 2014

Bon Ano Novo! Transferring to Lake Mead Stake

Oi minha familia!!!!!!

Wow!!   So this is a crazy fun week!  I swear, MISSIONS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!

Sooooo transfers are tomorrow and I'm going to Lake Mead Stake in Calico Ridge!!  I will be here at least another transfer and I'll be here when you are here! haha.  But I have no idea how close Lake mead is to Black Mountain haha. but anywayyyy... It'll be fun!!  And guess what?? I’M WITH SISTER NILSON AGAIN !!! HAHAHAHHA!!  oh mannn!!! They just don't want me to have any new companions!!! dang.

haha.  But I'm super excited because we'll get to speak Portuguese together all the time!! WOOOH!!  I've been slacking dang. but this will be good! :) 

Anyway, this week we had NewYear’s Day and we had to go in at 6!!!   Lame. but it was fun, we got to plan and get ready for bed then watch the Joseph Smith Full Movie and I packed (cause I had a feeeling I was leaving haha).  But yeah, it was fun! :) 

I have so much to pack. haha.   I'm actually really sad.  I just love this ward now and realize how much  I DON’T hate singles wards. haha.   Well, this one at least is seriously the best!  They are all just so amazing and strong and spiritual, and yet so cool and normal and just the best!! I'll miss them!! :( And this zone is so great!  But I'm sure I'll feel this way about every area and zone! :)   So, I'm excited!! wooh!

Anyway, back to the VISA stuff, I'm pretty sure they changed it to even if I get the VISA now, I'll wait until the end of the transfer to leave so it's less messy. and that's okay. I'm just excited to be here! :)))))) man, I love being a missionary.  It's weird cause I can't imagine not being a missionary and someone asked me what the "ideal date" would be for me and I literally first thought hmmm .. .like April or May…maybe, early June. haha and then they clarified and I was like uhhh.... ew. ahha. and the thought of it was like OMG stop... hahaha I feel so missionary hahah!   I love it!  It's so funny when members talk about it to us and we're like hmm... we can't help.  Our minds are just SO far from it all hahaha!   And it's awesome because I hate thinking about that stuff yuck hahaha.   Anyway, sorry that was random. but it was just funny seeing how different it is on a mission and I just love it.   Everything is literally centered on the Lord and I've never been so happy!!! :)

Man, I just want to thank you all again for the Christmas Presents!!!   I have the Christmas cards for the Stevens and Skinners still!!   I feel bad it was taking so long.   I just couldn't find their addresses.  Can I get the Skinners' address by the way?   thanks!!!

And the presents were sooo cute!!   ahh!  So  fun and useful!  Man, you know missionaries! haha.  lotion, chapstick, earrings! the best!! 

Man, I am so scatter brained...!!!! I don't know what I was going to say.   Mannnn I looove this zone!   I'm sad.  Everyone's leaving now and saying bye for the first time :( BYE EVERYONE!! haha. 

Well, yeah, I'm like super sad that after this next transfer, I'll be half way done... weird. omg sooo sad hahaha.... gosh. it goes by sooo fast.. 

Send me updates on the ward and people from home!! :)

Sorry for the lame letter.... this week was fun. 

Update for Bryon:
He's suuuper excited for his baptism!!!   It's pushed to the 18th because he got sick and coudn’t go to church but we took him to a baptism and he was like soooo amazing.   He was like wow.   I feel so much more ready now!   I feel a little nervous but so ready for it.
WOW never met someone so prepared. and I’m sooo bummed I won't be able to keep teaching him :( but I’ll be back for the baptism!!! :))   I'm so excited!   He's the BEST!
I want you all to come to his baptism!! !!!   Hahaha.  Probably not allowed..... but hey, never hurts to ask!!   hehe.   jk. idk.  That would be sweeeet thoughhh!!!!

Man, this is the best. I realized this week that really, my mission isn't so much about the people we teach or the area or the members, but really about my companions and how I need to learn how to love and show that I love them.   It's hard but it's really pretty much exactly what I need to learn.... woohoo!   Anyway. I'm going to a new area that is being split up and so we'll have a lot of work on our hands!! wooh!  It'll be fun! I'll update next week!!

HAVE A GREATTT WEEEK!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!! by the way,,,I feel like you played down Rusty's incident.   What happened?? :((((


Sister Yoshimoto

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