Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting To Work in the Calico Ridge Ward

January 13, 2014

Oi minha familia!!!!!!

 Okay, sooooo this new zone is ridiculous [very large] and has like 16 companionships and 4 working computers and less than an hour for 3 companionships per hour [to use the computer for email] and I was just able to go on like 10 minutes ago [11:09 am] and our time was supposed to start at 10. :P soooooo I have very limited time and I'm super sad cause there's no printer so I can't print these out either soooo hahaha. I think I'm being prepped for Brazil or something :( I don't like being rushed in emails!!!  I don't know what I'm going to say anymore!! 

Oh yeah.  Good thing I wrote it down.  So this area is really tough.  But I know it's just because it used to be combined with another ward and just got split before I got here so it's slowly picking up and basically starting anew. Sister Nilson has self-confidence issues with people and so I'm working on that with her and really trying to help her overcome her fears and doubts.   We have 2 investigators--sounds like the beginning of last area--except this time, I feel like I'm supposed to take the lead because we're both out the same time and have no idea what we're doing haha.... but it's a huge chance for me to really re-learn to rely on the Lord and just work hard. 

I always forget how lucky I was to be with Sis Jen-Coon. She is the hardest worker and we teach so well together and really, I forgot that it's not like that with everyone because I only have her to compare with .. and Sis Roberts.  But then back to Sis Jen-Coon and now back to Sis Nilson! haha.  It’s so strange.  I have such a weird mission.... but I LOVEEEE IT.  It's also a challenge that Sis Nilson hurt her ankle a while back and is still healing so walking or going out a lot is tough for her so we slow it down.  I love her to death and I feel like we've both changed so much (in a good way) since the MTC that it's such a blessing to be back with her. We just need to work on teaching better (both of us big time) and finding, finding, finding!!!!!!!   [MTC companion – Nilson, Kingman 1st companion – Jensen-Coon, Kingman 2nd companion – Roberts, Henderson YSA companion (for two transfers) – Jensen-Coon, again, Calico Ridge companion – Nilson, again]

But this week at church we had this amazing ward conference where the stake came in and talked a looooot about missionary work and how the ward can do it too.  It's awweeesome!! This stake is sooooooo gung-ho on missionary work!! YES!  That was a hard challenged for Royal Mesa--by the way the transition from singles to family is harder than the transition from family to singles... omg.  So weird ahah... I MISS MY SINGLE'S WARD IN ROYAL MESA!!  I never thought I'd say that, but oh man... they're seriously the BEST!  Have Kei and Travis move there :) haha jk... but seriously. It's sooo great there.  But back to this area.  It's a fun little area haha! The area we live in is suuuuuuper sketch. and then it slowly gets better going up and then all of a sudden it's like BAM CELINE DION!! like forreals.. Celine Dion lives in our area hahahah. And so does Chris Rock!!! HAHAHAH!!

And we get to see Brandon Flowers every week at church hahahaha...  [Brandon Flowers is a Grammy nominated professional singer, musician and lyricist].

OH NO!!  Which brings me to another really terrible idea. So, when I was transferred in, Sister Nilson tells me that we're singing in Sacrament next week.... hahahha. That's funny.   But no. she's serious..... because the sister I took the spot of was a super good singer. but yeah. no.... so yeap. basically, we'll be singing Jesus Lover of my Soul in English and in Portuguese this coming Sunday.... in front of Brandon Flowers...... hahahaha. Yeah. oh, mission stories, huh? 

Anyway, the ORINGINAL point of that story was how amazingly gung ho this stake is about missionary work! I got so excited about how focused they are on the youth.  Man, I just want to tell ALL the youth in the WORLD about this and how every single youth should go on a mission. Some people say missions are not for everyone, but I COMPLETELY disagree.  While it is a lot of HARD work and there are so many challenges, that you DO need to be strong, it's honestly THE BEST THING you can do for yourself.  Man, I honestly feel just so incredibly grateful for the MIRACLE of me even being here on a mission. Of course, I feel like a lot of people expected me to go but a year before the age change, I had no desire, no thought, no idea I'd ever even think about going on one.  Even though I thought I would want to when I was young.  It's so crazy to see how much I've grown and learned.  Like I literally had a testimony of like 3 things and then all of a sudden, it's like BOOM!!  My testimony of everything is growing so fast.  Like basically the littlest things. But basically my little spiel for the youngsters is to really pray and think about going on a mission.  If there's a mission prep class anywhere near you, GO. Even if you aren't sure if you want to go yet, just attend the class.  See what it's about, learn the things they teach, go out with the missionaries, learn about the lessons and the teaching skills and the things you do on a mission.  Just check it out. and I promise you will understand why every single missionary, no matter how hard or miserable the conditions or circumstances on the mission, every single missionary absolutely loves their mission.

I personally am so amazed by how I am so privileged to be a part of such an amazing work. Wow.   I can't believe the Lord trusts such a clumsy, awkward, prideful, selfish person as myself to be here on His errand, doing this work.  Wow.   He trusts me with the souls of His children in this area.  It amazes me. and it's such tangible proof of how this truly isn't about us.  It's HIS work. because there's just no way these 18-21 year old kids can do this alone … or even at all. haha.  It's incredible.  I love missions. EVERYONE JUST GO! 

Anyway,  I have to go!!!  But I love you all sooo much!! and I will write letters soon!!! I have no time to write and no printer to read these but I will ASAP!  I LOVEE  YOUUU  ALLL!!!!!!

You're alll always in my prayers every night. 

Ate a proxima semana!!
-Sister Yoshimoto

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