Monday, January 20, 2014


January 20. 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!!!
Parabens a voce!! :)))

Oiiiiii minha familia!!!!
This week was super awesome!!! WOW!!! I forgot my planner with all the notes in what to write today, but I will just wing it... I have no memory anymore :(

But first of all I would like to request something from you all!  From EVERYONE!!  I was talking to people about conversion stories and we went to a Why I Believe fireside where recent converts tell their story.   And I got to telling my conversion story.  And they asked about my parents or grandparents who converted first and I didn’t know!!!   So, would you all maybe write or type out your conversion story--before or after baptism?   I know that even if you're born into the church, we all have our own conversion whether soon or later after baptism.  Will you type it out and send it to me?  and Grandpa's/Gramma's too.  Those who first joined the church and your own!  I would REALLY appreciate it!  Can you send it to the mission office or Dear Elder, because I want to keep them?   :) THANKS !!!!!   I love you alll!!!!!   And when I have more time, I'll write mine out and send it haha.  But yeah, I would love it if you could all send me that!  Everyone in the family and anyone else who reads this and would like to.  I just love being able to see the path you all took to find this and it strengthens my own testimony so much.  It's good to have it recorded down for your future family!!   I’m excited for my kids to read my journal... some parts hahaa. but yeah!    I would really love that! :)

By the way, we only get letters through our mission office on Mondays in-valley.   We were spoiled in Kingman :))

Anyway, this week, we went to the baptism of Bryon!!   Oh wow! What an amazing event. I didn't even know how amazingly prepared he was.  I knew he was, but it was so much deeper than he let us know.  Apparently, his older brother was baptized a member but died when Bryon was 11, and the last thing  his brother said to him was “Never lose faith in God.”    He kept that and held to that his whole life and when he met us and started taking the lessons, he knew his brother was Mormon but never understood what it was and decided to just keep learning and studying for himself.   He finally understood why his brother was so deep into this religion. and he bore his testimony at the baptism.   Wow.  I never heard something so powerful in my life.  I never realized how deep his conversion really was. It didn't matter about fellowship or about the missionaries.  It was his personal conversion ---the way it should be.   Wow. I am so impressed; so amazed by how much Heavenly Father has his hand in things and how much more there really was under the surface in everything and in every one's story.   Only He [God] knows it but we got to be willing and humble and worthy and able to be His instruments so we can do what He knows is best, even if we don't know why we need to do it.  Obedience Precedes Understanding and Spirituality.   It is so true. 

Man, I can't even begin to explain how much I love fasting.   I hated it always before because I love food...... haha.  But since the mission, I have never had such a strong testimony of the power of fasting.   This past Sunday, I fasted for our investigators, especially this one, Brenda, to come to church.  We invite her all the time and she wants to go, but waking up for 9am church is hard for her. (She's amazing by the way.  She did 10years of research on near death experiences and all that she gathered from her research pointed to the conclusion that our Church is the only one with the plan and view of the afterlife that matched up with all of the experiences.   Wow.  She went to and requested a Book of Mormon and went to church and loved it.  And she found the missionaries.   She is awesome.  She feels the spirit so strongly and understands things so completely.  Her husband is in the Air Force and is interested, too, but works a lot and reads the Book of Mormon and loves it, but is a little more stand-offish and doesn’t want to take the lessons yet.  "Just curious" he says. but yeah basically, she hasn't come to church since we changed times at the start of the new year.   I fasted and prayed and wow, she text and says she's in the wrong area and doesn’t know the address so we called and helped her get to the right building and then she pulls up and we're freaking out cause they’re singing the sacrament hymn. but she shows up and we walk in and sit down right as the last verse ends.  Haha. man, Heavenly Father is sooooo awesome, but so funny sometimes.   He's like  “Alright, I'll let you sweat a little.   Test your faith.”   haha. man... Did I sweat.  Who knew Sundays are just so stressful?

Many other experiences from Kingman also just solidified my testimony in fasting. It's seriously so amazing.   Becoming closer to God, while invoking the powers of heaven in whatever we're fasting for.  It's just so amazing to see how physical, tangible, undeniable proof of the miracle you ask for is shown when we fast. Heavenly Father just asks for a little sacrifice and faith. and boy how incredibly worthwhile it is.

I forget everything else I was going to write about.... :( I'll ust have to save it for next week! I feel sooo bad I can't write everyone everyweek!   But I'll try to write letters! ahhh!!  So little time on Pdays... haha. but I am reading what you write and loving it alll!!!  I think about you all and pray about you all every day!!!   I love you all soooo much!!! 

Please tell Michael [Okazaki – cousin who is contemplating about serving a mission] to write me or something.  I'm actually pretty sure that if he asks President Neider, and a woman is with him,  him, mom or sister, or friend, we can go out to lunch or something and I can talk to him!! :) That'd be sweet!!!   haha.  I just know that there is nothing he will regret more than not going on a mission and nothing he will thank himself more for than going on one.   It's the single best decision you can make in your life.  Without a doubt.   And no matter how hard it may seem, I can promise you that you will never regret going on a mission.  It will be wonderful for you and for all the people you will meet (your companions, members, investigators, converts, and all for their ancestors and posterity).   This work is beyond us and it's completely not about us.  Yet we are the beneficiaries of our labors.  We benefit the most when we selflessly lose ourselves in His work.    I hope this makes sense.  I’m super pushed for time haha. but I would love to talk to him or even email! 

Love you all sooooo much!!!! COM MUIIIIITO AMOR!!!!

-Sister Yoshimoto

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