Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Truth of the Book of Mormon is Undeniable to the Pure in Heart

Date: Jul 2, 2014 7:44 AM

Oi Familia!!!!! Wow! This week flew by!! I feel like I say this a lot but I seriously feel like every week is faster and faster!  It’s really scary. I’ve had tons of dreams recently of the end of my mission when I’m in the interview and Pres tells me to give him my plaqueta [badge]......... I’m not looking forward to this part.  I think I’ll super glue it to my chest. "Sorry President.  I can’t," or just..... "Make me!"  

jk. I won’t … probably.  But I realize that I need to stop worrying about that because it’ll happen eventually and I need to concentrate on the now.  Then last night I had a dream where I taught an entire lesson and invited to baptism and it was really cool haha.  It was like this elite family that I never saw before.  Maybe it’s a glimpse of the future!! 

I’m super obsessed with dreams now because man,  Everyone here has dreams that are soooo intense and amazing.  I can’t believe it!!  So remember Irismar, the woman who had a dream about Joseph Smith before ever hearing about him! Wow she was converted before we met her but she isn’t married legally so we have been working with her on that. Finally. FINALLY. we got to talk to her husband and wow. it was amazing! He’s suuuuuper shy like painfully. Doesn’t talk haha, but we discovered that he wants to marry and be baptized!  What!!  But know why? Because he noticed the huge change in Irismar in the past few months because of this new church she’s been attending and this book she’s been reading.  Literally this.  She has been reading the Book of Mormon every  night and is in Ether now.  Wow.  We’ve noticed the changes in her -- small things, she doesn’t judge others as much and isn’t starting fights with her neighbors or her husband, her comportamento [demeanor].... I don’t know the word in English...... in general is much lighter and she’s just --changed!  And he noticed, too,  and now he has agreed and they have a date for the end of this month!  I’m soooo excited!  Wow!  I truly TRULY know that the Book of Mormon is the key.  Really. It literally has so much power in those 500 and something pages.  The same stories same scriptures we can read over and over and yet it changes, because we change.  Wow.  I just know that the promise of the Profetas [prophets] is true.  Anyone--ANYONE--who reads and studies with the spirit of prayer, will see the positive change, the power of the Spirit enter into their lives.  It’s that simple, but so powerful. This IS the Church of Jesus Christ. This IS the restored gospel on the Earth today. This IS God’s complete, true church today. There’s no denying it because the evidence is right here, free for anyone who will listen.  And the reward is undeniable and priceless.  Wow, it blows my mind that it’s still so unknown to some. 

These past couple of weeks has been suuuuuuuuper stressful and overwhelming at times.  I feel like I have the entire ward and area and trust of President and the future of my investigators and menos ativos [less actives] and the future of  Sister Maeno and my future on my shoulders.  And it’s just so incredibly much.  I feel like I just wasn’t prepared for this and yet I know I was.  It’s complicated …  haha.  But we shared a message for a family home evening one night on the Atonement.  Look up the video--The Atonement and Missionary Work.  It’s incredible and exactly what I needed.  The Atonement isn’t just for sin.  

We all know that, but sometimes I forget that it’s literally here to lift our burdens, to enlarge our capacities beyond our imagination. It’s so simple, yet so complex. and I’m still learning how to truly let the Atonement carry me. This is my challenge now, and I know that I need to overcome this because I’ve never been so aware of my faults and my weaknesses than I am now.  But I know that this is good for me … that this is exactly the challenge I need to grow and truly be missionary I know HE knows I can be.  But it always hurts in the moment, but truly, I remember the experiences Travis told and KEi and Dad and Mom and Jeremy told about your missions.  Everyone pushes me forward and keeps me going.  I rely on them. and the words of the prophets.  I am grateful for all the tools I have because without them I’d just give up …  haha. 

But I figured a way to read your emails! I will take pics and read at home. haha. So maybe if you all can, please send maybe some experiences from your missions. Any experiences you’d like to share!  I’d really appreciate it! :) 

I looooove you all so much and I’m so excited for all the things going on at home!  Keep safe and healthy and good luck with school and work and everything!!  Amo Voces!!!!! Muiiiiiiito!!!! [Love you guys, too!]
You’re alll in my prayers every night!

-Sister Yoshimoto

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