Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Travis, Uncle Chucky and Happy Father's Day!

Date: Jun 11, 2014 12:20 PM
Subject: busyyyy week!!!

Wow! this week flewwwww by! I can’t believe another transfer is GONE!  Transfers is again this coming Tuesday, we’ll find out what happens Monday, but I don’t know what to expect!!  ahhhh.  But I’m excited.  I loooooove this area …  seriously!!  the
Sooo this week, wow. we began our English classes and it was very good!!!  It was so much fun!  Seriously, only about 12 or so people were there but it was soooo awesome.  Everyone is soooo cute and excited to learn English and all are shy about it hahaha.  But seriously, I looooove when they see us on the street and shout out “ hello! bye bye! good night!” haha.  It’s the best haha.  Of course for the other Americanas strangers say this because they knowww they’re from US but for me they ask me to speak I count to ten really fast and start naming off brand names.  It usually impresses a lot of people until they hear sushi or Nintendo.  Then they realize my true color....white... haha.  But it’s super fun :)
But really the aula de ingles [English class] is soooo awesome!   We’re teaching them how to pray in English and some primary songs and what not.  I am a Child of God is perfect.  I always took for granted just how powerful that song really is.  I love it.
also this week..........
HAPPPPPPPPY FATHERS DAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I wish I could send you all something but I honestly don’t know how it works here haha.  But I have some stuff for you all when I return. haha.  They have some really cool stuff for Father’s day.  Brasil ties and stuff:)
But also this weekkkkk.....
PARABENS PRA VOCE!                            [Happy birthday to you!]
NESTA DATA QUERIDA                           [on this special date]
MUITAS FELICIDADES                             [Best wishes]
MUITOS ANOS DE VIDA!!!!!                    [Many years of life]
pra Travis!!!! BOM ANNIVERARIO!!!!      [For Travis, Happy Birthday!]  [Is this a song???]
depois isso, [After that]  PRA uncle chuckyyyy!!!!  [For Uncle Chucky]  Old men getting older, you two!!!! :D
But seriously happy birthdayyyy!!!!
e tomorrow the COPO DO MUNDO comeca!!!!  [The WORLD CUP begins tomorrow]
whattttttttttttt. I am soo excited!!!  We can watch..... wow.   I’m pretty sure we are one of the only mssions in Brasil … or the world.   hahahahhaha.  I’m like dying...
but other than that.  This week was suuuuuper awesome!!!
Felipe is getting baptized this Saturday and he is soooo ready.  He is all excited and nervous but wow.  His whole family will be there and I knowwww the spirit will be soo strong.  He’s already got such a strong testimony of everything.  Wow. and his girlfriend, if her mother permits, will be baptized BY HIM in 2 weeks.  Wow. I’m seriously sooooo excited for them!  It’s amazing to see the change and the growth in so little time.  When really he was already so prepared and strong, the gospel just helped him grow even more.  The change is so apparent and yet so subtle. I know his family will be touched.  Maybe not now but eventually as they see really how this gospel truly makes him and Thais so completely happy; its undeniable.
We’re working hard with organizing because we have a feeling that Sis Pedreira will leave soon. I want to be ready for the next missionary!  We have sooooo much work here I want to really show Heavenly Father that we’re worthy and ready to take care of his children here,  that we’re prepared for the eleitas [elect].   I’m definitely still learning the area.  It’s tough because nothing has addresses.  Just bairro [neighborhoods] and landmarks sooooooo it’s super exciting trying to find a referral haha.
This keyboard is  psyyyycho.  So I’ll make it short.
But I just want to say one more thing. about the youth.
They are soo incredibly strong here.  I can’t believe it,  really ... can’t believe how much  I learn from them.  They seriously are so strong and firm in the gospel, not just the church … Overcoming so much more than I can imagine.  Yet they truly know that this is more than just any church, but the true church of Christ.  The restored gospel.  They know it, they live it, and they share it. because they understand the importance and the joy and hope and peace it brings. and they truly want it for everyone else they know.
And I’m feeling that from home as well … the huge army we’re sending out from our ward alone!  It’s amazing.  I can’t imagine the good and miracles that OUR HEAVENLY FATHER is able to realize out here because you are all out there.  Being worthy and able and willing to give your all because YOU know and YOU live it.  It’s suuuuch a blessing, such a miracle to be out here  … and so sad to think that tomorrow I have only 6 months left.  It breaks my heart.  It seriously flies by.   But I know I’ll never forget every trial, miracle, blessing, and breakdown I’ve had here, because from these experiences I have seriously become a different person.
But I’m not done changing yet!!!!
I have soooo much more to do!!!
entao vamos la                        [So let it.]  [This must be an idiom for SO LET’s GO … or something]
amo voces<#3333333333                   [Love you guys]
nas minhas oracoes sempres!               [You are always in my prayers]
-Sis Yoshimoto

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