Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm Being Transferred to Henderson (YSA)

October 14, 2013

(Note to friends from Lauren's dad:  a mission is divided into 6-week time periods called "transfers."  At the end of each transfer period, missionaries MAY be moved to a different location.  Sister Lauren Yoshimoto has served in Kingman, AZ for two transfer periods)


I have some huge, big, sad news for you all.......................
I just got news of transfers... I'm moving.... to Green Valley Henderson. a YSA ward. new companion--Sister Jensen-Coon. HAHA right??? SO WEIRD!  My mission is the absolute WEIRDEST!! mannn I'm sooo sad though.. I seriously am so heartbroken. I love Kingman SOO much.  My heart felt sooo heavy as I talked to all the people yesterday that I've grown to love soooo much.  I'm even more sad because there are a few families out of town this weekend that I won't even get to say goodbye to.   I hate it.  This is the worst feeling.   I figured I'd stay in Kingman until my VISA came in--and everyone else did, too--and then I'd go to Brazil and that would be hard enough. but now I have to leave this amazing area and go in-valley and start in a new area that I'll then have to leave. sighhh , but I guess this is what missioanry work is about. aaaagh!!  I love the people here sooo much.  This is my baby!! but I guess the Lord needs me elsewhere now... I will definitely have to come back to Kingman after the mission though.. sooooo, family roadtrip? :) 

I'm a little worried that I'll be in a YSA ward.. it'll be soooo different and so strange not having families and crying children--instead having people MY age on their phones and playing games during sacrament meeting.... haha. fun new challenges. plus it'll be super weird working with Sis Jensen-Coon again.. hmm . not sure how I feel, yet. it'll be good, but I feel like it'd be nice getting to learn from someone. but I guess there are some things I still need to learn from her! 

I gave a talk yesterday. and ohhh man. It's weird how talking just isn't all THAT scary anymore!! so cool! yet, at the same time, this was the first one, and it was a huuuuge busy week where we literally had NO time to prep it except during personal study Sunday morning... sooooo the preparation wasn't very good. Good thing it was on an easy subject--Missionary work! yay! 

So, confession time -- Brazil has been on my mind soooo much lately. I have never minded being out here and being on my mini-mission in the states. I loooved it. but recently, this past week it's been on my mind a looot and I just have been getting ansty. It's so hard to not for some reason and it's been bugging me. Then, to help the situation, when we were at the mission office in Vegas for a conference, one of the office workers was like heyyy, I'm not gonna say anything but SOMEone got their VISA! and me and the other missioanries were there like WHAT! WHAT?!?! and then she's like ohh! no, sorry! it was another elder, not you....... I was like oh... okay. 
-__________- and then all this week everyone's punking me about Brazil!! the ZL's who announce transfers were like and Sis Yoshi--BRAZIL! jk. Green Valley.... NOT COOL!

But I've been praying about it and trying to keep focused here. trusting the Lord will allow me on His time. whenever that may be. I just feel so ready now!  Maybe just because I'm leaving Kingman. idk. we'll see. 

Man, I just feel like this week has been busy and stressful and crazy and now I'm leaving. and this computer wont let me send pics and I have a lot to send. and I'm sad. ahah okay done moping. It'll be an AWESOME new adventure!! woooh!! I'm actually pretty excited to let you know how things will be in the next area! I'll be there right next to Uncle Jimmy!! Tell them to invite us to a nerf gun war. hehe. jk. but yeah how excitingggg!! hehe. Michael can go to the YSA ward. right?? idk actuallyl. how old is he? 18 right? 

Okay well, I love you all and I am so excited for a new adventure! I forget everything I wanted to say... oh right, I never got to eat snake yet :( and someone is going to send me Elk steak when I leave hahahaha. I love this place. 

I am just so priveleged to have been blessed with the opportunity to serve the people in the Boulder Springs Ward in Kingman!  good ol Kingman!!! The ward is amazing and the people are just so great.  I can't wait to come back after the msision :)

Well, I will send pics in a bit when I can figure out this darn computer. Thank you sooo much for the love and support and prayers from everyone! Tell Sister Meyers that I got the message from Sister Dawson! :) She is soo cute! I love their family! Brother Dawson is the best! haha. So cool! Sister Meyers' Roommate/ Best friend or soemthing is Sister Dawson's Aunt and she lives here in Kingman in my ward!  So awesome! small world :))

Love you lots!!!!!
Always in my prayers!
Com Amor, Sister Yoshimoto!


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