Monday, September 23, 2013

I love Kingman, Arizona!

September  23, 2013

Oi Minha Querida Familia e Meus Amigos! 

Como vao voces!!!  So first of all, I tried out the AlphaSmart but I keep forgetting it at home!!!! ):< Hopefully next week! geeez. well, it's super nice cause I type sooo much faster than I can write! and my hand cramps way less haha! I know, I know: Kid's these days.. but it's true! technology is niiiiiiice hehe. 

2nd of all, I've attached some pics of fun things here in the dangerous wilderness of Kingman, AZ. a SCORPION!!! in our living room!! while we were studying! omg! It's HUUUGE haha and I've never seen a live one before! Soooo weird!  They are like bugs, but worse.  Because they pinch, sting, AND bite! WHAT!!  Who's idea was this.... But the other pic is of my AWESOME flats tan.... oh man, if you could see my watch tan and farmers tan and skirt tan... I’m so ashamed. hahaha! I should go swimming right when I get home. beacccch trip!! :D
I also have a CTR tan on my ring finger.  Kinda cool haha! ANd I haven't even gotten to Brazil yet! oh man!

So update with the bites.... We have been getting a TON more all of a sudden this week! I think you're right, it comes in cycles!   And this time, it was BAD!  Sister Roberts got the worst of it.   I don’t think its a coincidence cause she's sleeping on Sis Jensen0-Coon's old bed and she got the worst of it too!   But yeah idk. she got it REALLY bad. so a doc from our ward prescribed her steroids cause she was super hyperallergic like getting hives too so yeah. plus she scratches allll the time!!  The maintenance came in again this morning to check and didn’t see anything still, we set off a bug bomb in our apartment yesterday, nothing dead. Sleeping in sleeping bags in the other room and now a pro inspector will come in tomorrow to check. but other than that we have NO idea what this is!  I just want this taken care of cause it's definitely interferring with the work.... We had to make several trips to Walgreens or other stores for meds or stuff, we end up talking about the bites to everyone instead of anything else and the whole hour of a lesson is actually them giving us advice and stuff to try that we've heard and tried from the last person we just saw. It's kind of frustrating... ): but it's a huuuge test of patience I guess. 

Anywayyyyy enough of my complaining. believe it or not, my comp and I are getting a long a little better.  We've had some good talks so we are working through our rough patches. I am really REALLY working on letting the little things slide.  Just the little things she does that bug me.   I'm finally starting to be able to let go of my pride and pick my battles.   I think the key is laughing.  I need to just laugh and brush things off and just realize it's not worth it to get upset with things.  I notice that when I lighten the mood or even just pretend I'm not upset and smile or joke or something, it's resolved just like that.  I never noticed how bad MY attitude was and how much it was showing!  I need to keep in mind how much I'm at fault with many of the conflicts. It's a two way thing … well, most of the time.  ghaha. but yes. I definitely can change and do my part.   Like Travis said with him and Phillipp. by me giving up some things and being open and selfless, it allows the other person to change and do the same. sighhhh so much easier said than done, but it’s definitely something I need to learn and something Heavenly Father knows I'll need for the rest of my mission and my life.  It's amazing the opportunity it is to be on a mission and to see these things and learn them.  I am so truly grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to be here.  I am honestly so grateful to be a missionary.  It's literally the hardest thing in my life I’ve ever done or ever thought I'd have to do, but it's the most rewarding and amazing things I think I'll ever do.   And I've still just barely started!  How crazy!!!! 

But on the other hand I can't believe how long I’ve been here!  It's almost October!! AND IT’S FREEZING  OMG!  It's like 70-80's here!  And I'm FREEEZING! haha mannn if I don’t go to Brazil soon, I’m gonna freeze to death! haha. Well, there are some amazing members who are willing to give me warm clothes so that's good :) they take care of us here haha. how sweet. but yeah, I am definitely feeling like I'll be here in Kingman for at LEAST another transfer or two. So, I'm gonna get on that! :)   I am honestly soooo happy to be here in Kingman.  I love it.  I loooove it here and the people and everything!   People think I'm crazy and I think I’m crazy haha .  I never wanted to be in a desert small town, but I honestly am sooo excited to be here.  I kinda don't wanna leave!!  I've decided that if I am ever transferred, it better be to Brazil, I wanna stay here in Kingman until I leave. I don't wanna go to Vegas. Idk. I just looove it here. I can't wait to come back and visit after! haha. bring you all :)

Okay I talk too much dang. Quick update on Helen. She finally came with us to a baptism to watch and I think she felt something!   I'm soooo excited!   She almost came to church but illness again.... it's sooo hard!   She's 93!   She'll never be pain free!  She just needs to come to church and FEEL the answer! and she WILL!  I know she will.  We just have to be patient. 

The Pherigos are the couple who kind of adopted us here! She sent dad the pics of me and Sis Jensen-Coon.   I looove them but they are having a hard time accepting the Book of Mormon.  It's a complicated work but we are working on them.   Almost got dropped but we saved it ahah. Mostly testimony and mormon messages. omg. I just want to recommend to everyone reading this to watch mormon messages on   They are literally the best thing in the world!   I never feel the spirit soo strongly than when I’m watching some of those with investigators  or anyone.   Watch them, find a favorite and share one with a friend.  They are so good.  Dad, you were right.   There is so much on that is so amazing and so powerful. 

Well, I talk too much ahha.   don't remember what I was needing to answer this week. uhm, well, I hope it's nothing too urgent. ):  I have a horrible memory as to what I want to respond to this week.  It's been a crazy week.  But I loove the letters and the input and the support from home.  I have a huge stack of letters and each one has things highlited and underlined and cut out and I have so many quotes and pick me ups and good ideas from every one.  You have no idea how much of a help it's all been for me.  I have been so extremely blessed to have this gospel in my life and these amazing friends and family.  I don't know what I would do without it all, honestly. that sounds so cliche, but I look at my life and realize just how insanely blessed I am to have this and this knowledge of my purpose here and how I can be with my family forever.  I know this is the true Church, Heavenly Father's full gospel once again on the Earth and that through this gospel, we can know how to return to Him and live with our loved ones for Eternity in complete happiness. I love my Savior and the hope He brings to my life and all those who accept Him. I love you all sooo much!!!

Ate a proxima Semana!!
-Sister Yoshimoto


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