Monday, July 29, 2013

Serving in Las Vegas? ... Guess, Again

Ola Minha Familia!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my it's finally, Pday again!!! And boy, do I need some laundry!!! hehe jk. but forreals though..... WELL, I made it! I got your cards and things sent to LV. What a surprise!!! But it was a super nice surprise! :))) yay! I felt so speciallll heehhe. SO WOW so much to tell!!

First of all, my area is one of the few out of Valley---so I'M NOT EVEN IN NEVADA ANYMORE hahah! I'm in ARIZONAAAAA how exciin!!! I've never been in AZ before and now I'm in an area called Kingman, AZ.   I don't know exactly where that is but yeah. its cooool!  SO DIFFERENT.   Like a legit desert. ohh my GOSH! I SAW A TUMBLEWEED.   IT WAS SERIOUSLY THE COOLEST THING EVER!!   ... and there's cactus everywhere and there's rocks instead of lawns and there are JACKRABBITS!  I didn't even know those existed!  I thought those were some myth thing or something... Someone told me that... probably Travis -_____-  haa. jk but anywayyyy. It was pretty crazy.  Like it gets suuuuuper hot here! I thought UT was hot.   nope!   It's over 100 every day here!  But then the last couple of days it was BOOOM MONSOON!! AND THUNDER AND LIGHTENING.  It was sooooo literally monsoon.  Remember in those movies where people are outside for like 10 seconds and are SOAKED!   I was always like yah.... that doesn't happen. but no. it does.  We ran from the car to the house we were half drenced already. OMG. hahahaha and the streets are flooded and everything. So crazy.  Now its back to super hot. Bipolar. weather. but its so cool! i love it.  It's sooo pretty.  There isn't a lot of green, but the sky is HUGE.  It just goes forever.  If we had time to admire it, I would :)  haa

My companion/trainer is Sister Jensen-Coon from Montana. Small town. 12 people in her home branch. ahahaha.  But she's super nice and really cool.  She's only JUST finished her 12week training so she's been out about 3.5 months. So we're both pretty much newbies haha. but its fun.  We're learning together!  Since she is so new, too, I'm just learning by watching and asking questions a lot. which is fine! :)

Its only been a few days and I already feel like the MTC was a dream.  It was so weird cause when I got out here.  I was seriously homesick for home, but also mostly for the MTC and my district..... so weird haha. but I think I'm better now. as we say, the cure for homesickness is WORK! So we are gettin' to work!  It has been verrrrry busy lately!  It's definitely hard for me to get used to this change. teaching in English--who'da thought THAT would be hard.  I'm so used to explaining things in portuguese or whatever.   So basically I'm in this awkward stage between Portuguese and English where I'm losing my English because I'm thinking in Portuguese, but I can't speak Portuguese yet either.... so basically I can't speak. ): haha but I'm praying I'll be able to keep Portuguese up until I get my visa. 

Its been a suuuper hard adjustment just trying to get used to this new lifestyle. We get up at 6 here instead of 6:30  and dont usually get to sleep until like almost 11 cause we have to update the area book.   Since neither of us know what's really going on ... we are sometimes late for things but we're working on it! Hopefully we can sleep more soon ): haha but yeah its also kind of hard cause I feel like the sister who just left (my gramma I guess they call it here, haha my trainer's trainer) was really good and everyone loved her. So I'm basically coming and replacing the one they all loved ):  So hopefully I can gain their trust and be able to fill those shoes!  The ward here is really great though and super welcoming. So it should be okay. 

MAN WE GET FED EVERY NIGHT THOUGH!  WOW! I FEEL SO FAT!  So spoiled!!!  I am enjoying it now until I go to Brazil! haha. It's so crazy!!!!  It's so cute cause one of the recent converts met me and then the next day there was a ward bbq thing and he said he made sure to bring vegan burgers cause he (he was telling someone else about this who told me) knew I was Japanese and probably didn't eat meat.  haha!!! SO CUTE! and we're having dinner with him and some investigator and another member this Friday cause he wanted to make sushi for us! hahahahah sooooo cute. omg. But yeah its always fun to run into people like that! or those who speak Japanese to me.  Then I blame it on dad :)   JKKKK hahahaha. I'll learn it someday.. maybe. :)

So there are 2 extremes here in Kingman, Old Kingman--SUper old and ghetto and very poor and run down.  Many slightly disabled people live here and its very small and rundown and everyone's house smells like Jack the Crossing guard ... Which I now realize is just smoke haha. but yeah and then there's the areas of a lotta of the people in our ward--the doctors--the SUPER rich areas. and I mean SUPER rich. like insane. Pool. Waterslide in the front. LEGIT tree house.. not like a housesitting in a tree, like a mini HOME connected to a tree. its insane.  They have a fridge the size of my room. and acres of land.  I just can't explain it.  The door to their bathroom looks like a normal persons front door.... anyway. its crazy. but yeah we get fed real good here hahaha. OH AND EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG HAS A DOG! OMG! It's crazy!!  Even in old kingman they all have dogs. DogSSSS PLURAL!  Soooo cute but sometimes I don't feel like they should have so many when theres no room and its soooooooo hot with no AC! ): idk. But they are so fun and cute an there are a ton of cats tooo.  Oh my. I'm scared I'm gonna get fleas cause while we're talking to people on the street the darn things will just come and rub against you and like rub its head all over you and I'm like OMG what is touching me!  And it runs away and comes back a minute later. It's weird. haha but its cute. :) 

soooooo WOW the first few days of teaching. it was pretty tough. I don't know...   I think the first couple of days were super overwhelming.  Just like Travis said it would be like.  haha. But I really just felt SOOO inadequate. I would always talk and at least bare testimony or something, but I really had no idea who these people were or what their backstory was. Just a really brief sum up from Sister Jensen Coon. Plus I felt like they dont know me either. I was super overwhelmed. It's really tough out here, but it's really humbling me and teaching me to rely on the Lord more.  I pray sooo much more meaningfully.  I know it will take time and I gotta go easy on myself sometimes, but I JUST WANNA BE ABLE TO DO IT ALREADY  haha. I think it's gotten a litle better.  Yesterday was a little better, but hopefully I'll be able to really get to know those people.

One woman, a 93yr old has the mind of a 30yr old!!!! We got to teach her and it was amazing. when we listen to her and talk to her I can just FEEL how much I love her and how much God loves her. She's so scared of dying--not death, just how she'll die.  And she is so not trusting of others and she's scared. and I just want to make her see how much this gospel can help her!!!! She definitely felt something and understands sooo much but she 's just so scared and doesn't want strangers everywere.   So we're slowly going to build trust. She keeps wondering why she isn't dead yet and I KNOW its because God knows she needs this and wants her to have this before she leaves.  She was never married, never had kids. idk. It was a really good day.  It just really reminded me of WHY I'm out here walking in 100degree weather and being so tired all the time and being tried so much physically, spiritually, emotionally.  THIS is why!  Because people like Helen need this hope and this joy that only the restored Gospel can give.  It was a SERIOUS tender mercy, for which i am soooooo grateful! 

OH BTW! soooooooo basically at the Airport, the AP's came to pick us up with the President and his wife and GUESS WHAT!!  TWO of them were in my freshman ward!  One was a good friend! omg! Sooo random!  hahaa  It was awesome seeing them and seeing just how crazy much they changed and matured. ALREADY!  It was so amazing to me.  I was seriously so proud hahaha. They were teaching training stuff and it was so amazing to see them as such grown representatives of Christ.  You could just see they knew the importance of this work and they loved every minute of it.  Also, there's another guy from my freshman ward, another old friend in this area.  DL in Vegas and my other friend from freshman ward came here with me and is serving in Vegas area. SO RANDOM AND COOL! haha. But yeah so that was super fun. wow! 

Anyway I had a lot to write today. and now I'm out of time ):  I still gotta write to the President my weekly letter. Well I'll send letters to everyone! 
To sum it all up: I'm doing real well here!  I'm getting the hang of it, still figuring it out but it's coming. I'm loving the work even though its VERY hard.  The desert is hot. but beautiful.  Can't wait to get my visa and get to the REAL hot part hah. hah. hah... but yea I'm super excited to be here and learn so much already.  I love and miss you all sooo much!!  I pray for you always!  The church is SO true and this work is so important.  Its amazing the miracles we see here.  The big and the little.  LOve you all so much! 

Ate a proxima segundafeira!
Sister Yoshimoto!

Ps thanks for all the birthday wishes and Birthday stuff i got!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL
PPPS: I am sending a letter soooooo CHECK THE MAIL ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!

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