Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meeting Families!!!

September 3,  2014

This week was pretty darn exciting! hahaha. I will start with bullet points.

-We had divisions with members and a dog bit me twice...... no blood, but big ole ugly bruises haha. It was a darn little poodle....
-The water failed at our house.... in the middle of my shower, so I had conditioner sitting there and had to run out to the back in my robe and use water from the bucket and it was all weird and had little floaties everywhere but I had to use it to rinse. It was quite the Brasilian experience...... haha
-We WENT TO THE BEACCCHHHH!!!!  The Campêlo family here, man, they’ve got like 10 families in the family and are one of the originals in bringing the church to Maiobao. I loooooove them!!  They took us to the beach in Ribamar and we took tons of pics.  We can’t go in the water or walk on the sand,
as soo darn pretty!
I don’t have a lot of time, none really, we arrived late back in Maiobao, but I just wanted to update you all.  We took lots of pics and I’ll send some :)  It was super fun! :D
 It’s been toooo long away from the water :( seriously looked a lot like Hawaii--except really dirty.   haha--but it was for Ruy and Brena -- the super young couple. Wow, they are sooooo awesome really truly working on trying to get married legally so they can start the journey to an eternal marriage! They are really progressing and I’m so excited to help them get there. but really what is the miracle, is that lately, we’ve been finding the families that I’ve been looking for this entire 15 months.
Francisco and Flavia, they have 2 children and one has been going to seminary for a long time now, every day and Francisco has been friends with bishop for a long time!  He asks a lot of questions about us, and it was really cool being able to share my story with them.  I really got to think more about how I got here and how really it is a miracle but how the Lord’s hand truly was and is in every step of my life. Francisco described how he feels a hole in his life.  He is still waiting to find what can fill it and he admitted that it could be this church here, but he’s ready to find out.  They are reading and praying individually and as a family.  I know for a fact that they will receive their answers, they are so open and humble and ready to receive this restored gospel. I’m sooo excited for them! :)
I don’t know what will happen with transfers, but we’ll find out Monday..... I only have 2 more and I feel like I’d be toooo lucky to stay here for both of them :*(    mas vamos ver...   [but we’ll see]
I finished the design of the zone shirts and they will be coming in soon.  I will send a draft of what they will look like.  Look up Guarana Jesus.  It’s suuuuper legal haha.
i will read your email.  I hope all went well with Emily going to school!! I loooove you all and I feel bad I am soooo behind in responding to people.  Tell Emily to send pics or something!  I want to know how school is in Hawaiiiii!!!!
Also........... could you look up when the block classes for winter semester start?  I am ust... curious.... haha. thanks!
Amo vocessss!!!!   [Love you guys]
-Sister Yoshimoto
desculpa [excuse] the short quick blocky email!! :(

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